Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms

Learn instantly what grade Google has given your website It is important in marketing for attorneys and law firms to understand that Google grades every website with a 0-10 score it calls PageRank (named after Larry Page, Google’s co-founder).  Most attorney websites have scores of 0-4.  A few make it to 5.  You have to [...]


Law Firm Marketing Agency

How Your Firm Can Establish a Solid PR Presence While not all publicity is good publicity, it’s a general attorney advertising rule that the more your name reaches prospects and key figures, the greater your client portfolio. Building a solid public relations presence involves several aspects such as strategically connecting with the correct press contacts, [...]


Attorney Marketing Ideas

Looking for attorney marketing ideas? We've provided various SEO resources that provide free information. Search Engine Land Third Door Media owns a website called Marketing Land, which deals with a range of marketing issues, including digital outlets such as social media. However, the company hived off the specializations of search engine optimization and search engine [...]


Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

How to Keep Up With the Latest SEO Trends SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” If you set up a website for your legal practice you may have caught sight of this term once or twice and wonder what it means. Search engine optimization for lawyers involves enhancing your website’s position on search engine results [...]

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