Website Design

Attract the right clients to your law firm with a professional and user-friendly website.

Get A Website That Works

Sophisticated & Affordable Website Design

The foundation of a successful inbound marketing campaign is the website. Our modern, custom, engaging designs are proven to convert visitors into clients. We cut through the chatter to deliver a powerful, targeted message with one goal in mind: Maximizing ROI. All of our websites come complete with unparalleled attorney content that’s backed by our 30-plus years of publishing premier legal books.

Our websites allow more flexibility:

  • The size of your site is completely up to you
  • Choose custom article topics to suit your practice
  • Sophisticated designs, slideshows, and eye-catching features
  • Optional videos and PDF downloads
  • Submission forms, maps to your office location

What makes James Publishing Unique?

In addition to charging less for our attorney website services, we offer:

  • More flexibility in our arrangements
  • Direct contact with front line developers and optimizers
  • Prompt and larger efforts to fix any problems that arise
  • Short-term cancellation clauses

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for the effort that everyone at James Publishing makes when it comes to helping me succeed at starting a solo law practice. They not only created the website I remain very proud of – they made sure they did it at a price I could afford. The James Publishing staff demonstrates a keen sensitivity to the difficulties of starting a law practice and that awareness is reflected in the website platform they create and their willingness and ability to do it in a way that matched my financial position. I have grown my practice in partnership with James Publishing and that sense of partnership and their devotion to my success has been a keystone in our relationship. Whether we are working on building my website or improving the way it is used to attract new clients – or more mundane matters like updates to office addresses; the James Publishing staff is attentive, capable and committed. All of them – without exception. They know their job and they always deliver on their promises. I simply can’t imagine practicing law without their business help and advice. Thank you so much for your continued commitment to my success!”

Martin Barnes, Indianapolis, IN

Some Of Our Portfolio

To view our entire portfolio, click here.

Lower Spend, More Inquiries

When we analyze a solo’s or small law firm’s marketing and business processes, we at James Attorney Marketing commonly find we can save the firm $500-1,200/month while materially increasing their incoming calls and leads.

Occasionally we hit it big, as we did when in one year we helped Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Howard Snader jump from 18-25 prospect inquiry calls per month to over 200 calls per month. Details here.

How we do it

A content-heavy CRM, personalized guidance, and effective review solicitation are what we use to obtain more client inquiries while spending less.

– Content-heavy CRM. We connect your firm and its marketing to our customer relationship management system that is pre-loaded with letters, booklets, and a 100-page book specific to your specialty and branded with your name.

– Personalized guidance. Our team has helped dozens of law firms improve their marketing results and streamline their business processes. We know what works, and how to implement the changes needed with a minimum of disruption.

– Effective review solicitation. We generate a steady flow of online reviews from your past clients that you screen before they are posted. Positive online reviews are strikingly effective in generating business for lawyers.

“90% of my clients mention our online reviews. Since using James, our caseload increased from 62 to 141, year-over-year. I attribute that growth chiefly to James’ online reputation tools.”
— Loren S. Etengoff, Vancouver, WA

Who usually succeeds

We can generally tell with several questions and in about ten minutes whether we can (1) reduce your spend and (2) provide a material lift to your marketing results.

Not every law practice is a good fit for our service, but we will tell you quickly whether we think we can deliver value for your time and money.