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Most attorneys do not understand search engine optimization well enough to determine if they should invest in it, how much to spend on it, and whether they are receiving value for their current law firm SEO expenditures. Any vendor providing legal SEO services should be able to clearly quantify the work that is being completed on a monthly basis. If you cannot obtain that information (and proof of its delivery) from your vendor, then it’s likely not being done.


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At James, we subscribe to the leading website analytical platform, called Brightedge, and we use it to increase the rankings of our clients’ websites.

Brightedge used to be so prohibitively expensive that only major online players like Amazon could justify the cost. In fact, 8 of the 10 largest online retailers and 55% of the Fortune 100 use the platform to improve their websites’ rankings. The price has come down, but the service is still darn expensive, and we can only justify its cost because we manage over 100 law firm websites.

What It Can Do For Your Website

Imagine you engage us to increase the number of qualified prospects who find and contact your firm through your website. Brightedge gives us an instant, in-depth analysis of the performance of every page on your site and how to improve it:

  1. For each of the most important keywords, Brightedge compares the daily ranking of your site versus your closest competitors.
  2. For each page on your site, Brightedge tracks visits, Facebook likes and shares, tweets, backlinks, search volume, and page authority.
  3. Most important, Brightedge gives us specific recommendations for improving the ranking of each page on your site for multiple keywords and strategies, including on-page, internal links, backlinks, and social engagement.

Page-By-Page Recommendations

Brightedge’s big value comes from instantly telling us which pages need what work for which keywords.  Maybe the page title needs to be shortened, or the keyword needs to appear in the H1 (initial header) tags, in the alt (descriptive) text of the image tags, or in the meta description.




Brightedge helps both us and the client track progress weekly.  For each page on your site, it shows:

  • Whether visits are up or down this week, and by how much
  • How many backlinks exist
  • The number of Facebook likes and shares
  • The number of tweets

Week by week, Brightedge also charts how many keywords for which your site is ranked on page one of Google.  The big goal, of course, is to continually increase the number.




Brightedge lists the number of errors on your site, and categorizes them, so we can start fixing the high-impact errors first.  Here is the list for one site we recently began managing:

129         Severe errors

73           Missing H1 (initial header) tags

56           Duplicate page title

814         Moderate errors

108         Missing or empty meta description tag

80           Page title too short or too long

310         Slow response time

316         Too many outbound internal links


Want Our Help?

If you have a tech-savvy online marketer on staff, and a big marketing budget, you may be able to justify Brightedge’s cost and implement its more technical recommendations.

If not, and you want to take advantage of Brightedge’s page-by-page recommendations for improving your website’s rankings and traffic, we can do it for most law firms for $1,500/month.  Large marketers will cost more.


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FAQs About Search Engine Optimization For Attorneys

How long does SEO take to work?

The time varies with the strength of your competition, but you will generally see movement upward in the rankings within 2-3 months. Major benefits typically take 5-6 months to appear.

What sets us apart from other SEO providers?

Brightedge access. The service is very expensive for you to subscribe on your own. James can only justify its high cost because we manage over 100 law firm websites.

Network of legal sites. We have over 1,000 legal websites from which we can build relevant links.

Accessibility. James Publishing is a boutique firm managed by reachable people. Our savvy SEO experts are only a phone call or email away.

Law book publisher. We have been publishing law books for more than 35 years, understand the various practice areas and have knowledgeable legal editors on staff.

Do you have any advice?

Buyer beware. Because most SEO purchasers don’t understand how to evaluate what they are buying, SEO remains the Wild West. There are still many providers and freelancers with modest skills making big promises they only sometimes keep.

Legal providers preferred. You want most of your inbound links to come from other law-oriented websites. If your SEO provider builds a wide variety of websites rather than specializing in legal websites, the links created for you from those general sites will have less value.

Educate yourself. The more you know about SEO, the better you will be able to evaluate the work being done for you.

What's the difference between search engine optimization and Google+ Local optimization?

Search Engine Optimization and Google Local are similar in that both allow potential clients to find your website via a search of specific keywords. When it comes to SEO, your website will appear in the search engine’s organic (natural or unpaid) search results. Google Local, on the other hand, is a local business listing that readily displays all of your business contact information. Google Local will also put your firm on Google’s map.

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