Travis Hise is the president and partner of James Attorney Marketing & Attorney Marketing in Orange County, CA. For the past decade, he has helped hundreds of law firms improve their marketing results and streamline business practices. He knows what works and how to implement the changes needed with minimum disruption. Travis and his expert team meticulously track progress—giving clients a clear view of top performing marketing sources and retention rates.
With a unique blend of marketing savvy, technical and business acumen, and sales process understanding, Travis is able to think strategically and execute tactically. He is adept at using advanced marketing technologies (marketing automation, lead generation, social media, and SEO) to reach audiences, grow profitability, and create a competitive edge for his clients.
Soon after incorporating Travis’ technology recommendations:

  • A Phoenix criminal defense attorney jumped from 18-25 prospect inquiry calls per month, to over 200 calls per month
  • A Vancouver, WA personal injury attorney increased his caseload from 62 to 141, year-over-year
  • A probate attorney in Fountain Valley, CA is saving $14,000 every month in previously-wasted spending