To Obtain More Leads and More Clients,
Fix Two Marketing Omissions

Major marketing omission #1. The only engagement options on most law firm websites are a phone number and a form offering a free consultation. Fix this, and you will obtain more leads.

Major marketing omission #2. Most law firms do little to impress and nurture the prospects who are not immediately ready to sign up as clients. Fix this, and you will convert more leads to clients.

Attract and Convert Leads with our Plug-In Sales Funnel

The billboard-style websites used by most small law firms will only pull in a small percentage of prospects who need your services. You can attract and convert far more of your website’s visitors if you add a sales funnel that:

Engages browsers with multiple high-value, specialty-specific content offers

Obtains telephone appointments with prospects who are ready to speak with you


Collects contact information and sorts prospects with qualifying questions


Sends text reminders to those who set appointments

Nurtures prospects not yet ready to move forward

Displays on a colorful dashboard your lead flow by stage in the sales funnel

100% Automated

The only work required of your firm is to call those prospects who have scheduled telephone appointments. Everything else occurs automatically, from time-delayed pop-up through form completion, content delivery, appointment-setting, and texted reminders.

No lead tagging or milestone setting is needed. Progression from start to finish through the sales funnel occurs without intervention by you or your team. As a result, zero training is needed. Simply call the interested prospects at the times they calendar.

Killer Content

Publishing high-value law books for almost four decades has taught us how to create practical, helpful, and high-interest legal materials. We have created large libraries of content that legal consumers love, and will brand with your name the content you select from those libraries.

You will select items that will be offered on your website with attention-grabbing pop-ups and slide-ins. And we will create an extensive lead-nurturing series using additional content from our libraries.

Bankruptcy Answers & Issues (296 Pages)

You’ve Been Arrested. What Happens Now? (180 Pages)

I Was Injured in an Accident. What Do I Do Now? (123 Pages)

We Build, You Approve

We write and design the pop-ups and slide-ins, qualifying questions, and multiple offers to set appointments, and send you proofs of everything. We then set up the entire sales funnel, and take it live.

You will immediately begin receiving alerts of prospects who downloaded the offered content, along with notifications of appointments set.

We will also place you in the lead-nurturing series so you one time receive everything a prospect does. You will be impressed.

High ROI If…

Our personalized and automated Content Sales Funnel will generate a solid return if your website is already receiving decent traffic.

If you answer a few questions and make an appointment, we will tell you whether your practice is ready to add a sales funnel, and if not, what you should do next to obtain more leads and clients.