High-Value, Tech-Based Solutions
for Law Firms

Unlike most marketing and managed services providers, we don’t try to serve all types of business and professions. Law firms are our only customers … and have been since 1981.

We are also a one-stop tech shop. We offer the full-range of digital marketing services and tech support – everything from SEO to cloud migrations. Take a look:

Local SEO: Starting at $395/month basic, $600/month advanced

  • If most of your clients are located nearby, you want to rank high locally. Appearing in Google’s 3-pack for major keywords is critical to your lead flow.
  • Building properly-worded and identical directory profiles is the primary route to high local rankings (positive reviews are the second most important factor).
  • Few agencies understand the key citations to build for lawyers, or the right keywords to select. Our expert team does.
  • We custom create your profile, add 15-20 new directory listings (called citations) each month, and complete and correct any pre-existing but incomplete or erroneous citations.
  • We report our progress monthly in a detailed written report that shows the steady improvement in your local rankings for the most important keywords.

Local SEO + Review Generator: Starting at $545/month

  • The big two factors affecting local rankings are reviews and citations. You obtain them both with this affordable combination.
  • You receive everything provided in Review Generator and in Local SEO, but at a price that is $100/month less than buying each individually.
  • You also receive a quarterly consulting call with one of our online marketing experts in which we detail marketing techniques working for other law firms.

Book-Based Lead Generator: $395/month

  • Every prospect respects a lawyer who has a high-quality book. Let us make you one.
  • With 35 years of editing and publishing how-to law books, we know how to create practical, informative, understandable, and persuasive content.
  • We offer your book on your website with a pop-up that requests contact and qualifying information, then instantly forwards the response form to you and your team.
  • Prospects subsequently receive a series of educational materials like FAQs, 4-color booklets, and flow charts, with soft-sell emails interspersed.
  • This program is a proven route to engaging and converting more of your website visitors. You can also boost your traffic and leads further by offering your book with a variety of promotions – Facebook ads, eblasts, webinars, and more.

Book + Local SEO + Reviews: $995/month

  • Drive traffic with your soon-to-be-higher local rankings, persuade your visitors that you are the right lawyer for them with your now-growing collection of positive reviews, and then wow them and grab their contact info with your impressive and helpful book.
  • You receive everything provided in Review Generator, Local SEO, and Book-Based Lead Generator, but at a price that is $200/month less than buying each individually.

PPC Lead Generator: $500/month plus ad cost

  • Pay-per-click ads, when expertly implemented, can be an effective and affordable source of leads.
  • We manage PPC ad programs for multiple law firms, so know what placement parameters and language to use for best results.
  • Our monthly written reports of results are detailed, and our placement team checks in with you regularly to learn if you want adjustments made.

Legal Content CRM: Starting at $1,000/month for 1-2 users plus $125/month per add’l user

  • Engaging, nurturing, and regularly reaching out to your prospects is the best route to increasing the percentage of leads you convert. But most law offices are terrible at following up leads. The solution is to automate both the outreach and the nudging of staff.
  • We have assembled an intuitive customer-relationship management program that is loaded with specialty-specific content to persuade your prospects, built-in nudges that will keep staff performance high, a knowledge center that reduce client service calls, legal forms that will speed your intake and case processing, and a dashboard that will monitor everything.
  • We typically are able to save law firms several hundred dollars/month in unneeded silo software that doesn’t communicate with other programs, so the usual net cost of our CRM is lower than stated here. In a few cases it has been free.

24/7 Tech Support: $150/month per user

  • You receive a guaranteed one-hour response time any time of day, night, weekend, or holiday.
  • Your volume of support is unlimited. We have no service caps.
  • We will eliminate your viruses and maintain your network, including computers, printers, scanners, and network devices.
  • We have experts who specialize in law firms, their software, and their needs.
  • Compare the price you are currently paying and see if we can’t save you money while offering a higher-level of service.

Cloud Migration: $1,000 per 250 gigabytes of data plus $150/month per user

  • Dump the antiquated servers in your closet and stop worrying about ransomware, viruses, and network downtime.
  • Our private cloud solution will host your entire law firm on Amazon’s web servers. Your workspaces and data are segregated from other clients hosted by Amazon, which ensures compliance and security.
  • Your desktops appear exactly the same as before, but now you can access your data from any device and any location having an internet connection.
  • You will be able set up or disconnect workstations in minutes instead of hours. Turnover or expansion becomes simple to accommodate.

Cloud + Tech Support: $1,000 – $3,000 plus $250/month per user

  • Bring your technology up-to-date, obtain Amazon-level data security, stop paying for network maintenance and server replacement, and block hijackers … all while reducing your monthly tech expenditure.
  • Included is a regular consulting call to help you take advantage of technology to streamline your work processes, improve your marketing results, and do more with less.
  • And as a bonus we give you a license that allows you access to digital versions of any of our 90+ law books … all loaded with timesaving forms and techniques.

Website Redesign: $3,000 for 0-20 existing pages, $3,500 for 21-50 pages

  • Modernize your website and enhance its lead flow with our proven engagement devices, formatting, and designs.
  • Our high-quality quizzes and booklets will persuade more visitors to provide their contact information.
  • Your staff is notified each time a quiz is completed or a booklet is downloaded. Immediate outreach to the prospect will turn more of them into clients.

Organic SEO: price ranges from $1,000 to $2,500/month

  • We first analyze your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Every site has omissions and errors that hurt its ranking.
  • We fix your site’s on-page problems, from poorly-worded titles and meta descriptions through missing crosslinks and image tags to absent or unsophisticated keywording.
  • We steadily build high-quality backlinks, which remain the most influential factor in Google page position.
  • Every month you are sent a clear and detailed report showing the progress we are making with your site’s ranking for a variety of keywords, and your account manager will provide additional details.

4 advantages to working with James

  1. Every service is month to month. Cancel anytime without obligation.
  2. We know law firms, legal software, and legal marketing. That is all we do.
  3. Our only service requiring a setup fee is cloud migrations (because a boatload of technically-sophisticated, legal-specific work is required).
  4. Tech and marketing experts specializing in law firms are just a phone call away.

If you want to speak with us before determining the next best step for improving your law firm, make an appointment with our president and #1 legal tech expert Travis Hise by clicking below.

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