Online Reputation Management

Seamlessly collect testimonials with the James ORM tool

We hear it regularly: lawyers hate their negative reviews. They are frustrated and hurt when clients vent their sometimes-unjustified and frequently-overstated dissatisfaction by posting a negative review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Avvo, or other site. If you have had an angry client unload online, you know firsthand the pain caused. An online reputation management tool can help you avoid that pain.

What you can’t see is how much business you lose due to each bad review. A large percentage of your prospective clients will check your online reviews before making their call-you / don’t-call-you decision, and every negative review found will cause some prospects to look elsewhere. Negative reviews can be avoided with our software.

James ORM (online reputation management) is a powerful referral tool that helps attorneys easily solicit, screen, and track online client reviews to help gain more strong testimonials—and fewer negative ones. Our tool puts the control in your hands.

“My caseload has more than doubled. 90% of my new clients say they contacted me due to the positive reviews that James’ software generated.”

Loren Etengoff

Plaintiff’s personal injury, Vancouver WA

Key features include:

1. Centralized review dashboard.

James ORM aggregates your reviews from top review sites across the web into one easy-to-navigate platform. This allows you to see what clients are saying about your firm, and respond in real-time.

online reputation management

2. Effortlessly generate positive reviews.

Create a steady flow of favorable reviews from your happy clients via pre-created, auto-sent mobile, SMS text, and email campaigns.

3. Mitigate negative reviews. 

Manage undesirable reviews with easy-to-use tools that quickly address customer feedback. If your client reports he would recommend your services, he is sent to a review site of your choice to leave a positive review. However, if your client says he would not recommend your services, he is sent to a private feedback page.

4. Auto-promote top reviews.

Your positive reviews can be auto-published to a feed on your website, a custom review site, Facebook, Twitter, and 50-plus other consumer sites.

5. Real-time review alerts.

Keep your finger on the pulse of client feedback with real-time new review alerts via email or SMS text.

6. ROI reports.

Generate and download reports showing growth in reviews, ratings, traffic, and ROI to support business decisions.

7. Google search ranking.

Your reviews collected from major sites are indexed by search engines and can lead to higher search ranking.

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