Your Reputation Matters

We hear it regularly: lawyers hate their negative reviews. They are frustrated and hurt when clients vent their sometimes-unjustified and frequently-overstated dissatisfaction by posting a negative review online. If you have had an angry client unload online, you know firsthand the damage done to your business.

It is hard to measure the business you lose due to each bad review. A large percentage of your prospective clients will check your online reviews before making their call-you / don’t-call-you decision, and every negative review found will cause some prospects to look elsewhere.

James ORM (online reputation management) is a tool that helps our clients manage online client reviews to help gain more strong testimonials—and fewer negative ones. Our tool puts the control in your hands.

“My caseload has more than doubled. 90% of my new clients say they contacted me due to the positive reviews that James’ software generated.”