Local SEO

We set up and maintain your Google My Business account (Google’s local business directory), and create citations monthly on local business sites across the Internet in order to increase the visibility of your Google+ listing in local search rankings. We also create a rich “authorship” snippet to go along with your organic website listing.

Why Google Local Is So Important:

1. Google results are becoming more localized.

These days, Google will track a web searcher’s IP address and deliver results in the immediate vicinity. For example, type “lawyer” into Google and run a search. Notice that it automatically returns listings of offices near you.

2. Google Map listings often supersede regular organic listings on search result pages.

Google My Business listings are prominent to the point of pushing down organic website listings for certain types of searches. Therefore, if you are not on the system at all, you have no chance of being listed at the top.

FAQs About Google Local Optimization For Lawyers

Search Engine Optimization and Google Local are similar in that both allow potential clients to find your website via a search of specific keywords. When it comes to SEO, your website will appear in the search engine’s organic (natural or unpaid) search results. Google Local, on the other hand, is a local business listing that readily displays all of your business contact information. Google Local will also put your firm on Google’s map.

Yes, all Search Engine Optimization and Google Local clients’ rankings are tracked using third-party software on myseotool.com. Upon request, clients can obtain access to monitor their own progress free of charge.