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Bankruptcy | Criminal  |  Family | Personal Injury

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Educational emails and content are a wonderful way to draw and convert more prospects into clients. The technique works across all professions and industries, but lawyers have been slower than many to adopt the approach.
Educational content has the additional benefit of bringing you more sophisticated, better educated, and more focused clients. How? Prospects who come to you as a result of your content will already have learned:

  • How the process works
  • What will occur at the first meeting
  • What information and documents they should bring to the first meeting
  • Your approach to handling cases

Inside you will find dozens of content templates that you are welcome to use as is, adapt to your needs, or simply use as inspiration to create your own content.
These templates are a small sampling of the content available in our CRM for law firms. Our specialty-specific CRM collections include full- length branded books, extensive FAQs, lengthy drip series and comprehensive knowledge bases.
We hope you find our templates helpful in creating or adding to your own content collection.

Here’s what you receive:



  • Email: 10 Things to Do Before You File Bankruptcy
  • 9-page PDF: 23 Errors Commonly Made by People Who File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer
  • 6-page PDF: Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy
  • 4-page PDF: What to Expect at Your First Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Email: Rescheduling Initial Telephone Call
  • Infographic: Key Events in Typical Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies


  • Email: Can You Get the Evidence Against Me Tossed Out? With Information Sheet
  • 10-page PDF: 19 Things Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Wishes You Knew
  • 5-page PDF: Action List When Your Loved One is Arrested
  • 4-page PDF: Flowchart of Fourth Amendment Protections and Exceptions
  • Email: 7 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You
  • 4-page PDF: What to Expect When Visiting a Loved One in Jail


  • 25-page PDF: Tips and Suggestions for Surviving Your Divorce
  • 8-page PDF: 21 Initial Questions About Divorce
  • 5-page PDF: Reducing the Chaos Created by a Divorce
  • 1-page PDF: FAQs About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
  • 7-page PDF: Telling Your Children, with Parenting Guidelines
  • 1-page PDF: FAQs About Attorneys’ Fees

Personal Injury

  • 14-page PDF: FAQs About Personal Injury Claims
  • 4-page PDF: Personal Injury Case Flowchart
  • Email: Writing a Winning Demand Letter
  • 4-page PDF: What Adjusters Look for in Medical Records
  • Email: Common Insurance Adjuster Ploys
  • 6-page PDF: Personal Injury Financial FAQs