Free Personalized Lead-Boosting Plan for Your Law Firm

We will create a personalized marketing plan showing how you can generate more leads while staying within your budget Your roadmap to more leads will be tailored to your law firm’s specialty, geographic region, current efforts and results, and marketing budget. This custom-drafted plan will list specific to-do’s in the order they should be implemented, and [...]


5 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics That Land High-Quality Leads

As the legal market becomes more competitive year after year, conversion rate optimization becomes increasingly important. Gaining clients is difficult, cult. 27% of small and solo law firms claimed that gaining new clients was their greatest challenge, according to a survey of small and solo law firms conducted by the Thomson Reuters Solo and Small [...]


6 Trends Affecting Your Law Firm’s Google Results

Changes in search engine marketing have created ranking opportunities for astute and action-oriented law firms. Here are 6 trends and how to take advantage of them.  55% of searchers can’t distinguish between a paid and an unpaid Google listing. This seems hard to believe, until you review this chart showing how much more similar ads [...]


How to Craft a Drip Email Campaign From Scratch in a Day: Part 2

With an average return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is a necessity for law firms of all sizes in today’s digital marketing landscape. Therefore, in part 1 of this how-to manual, we set the stage for producing a email drip campaign —an automated series of messages—from scratch. (If you [...]


No time for marketing?

The most common reason that marketing at small law firms gets short-changed is lack of time. Plans get made, but then client demands interfere and marketing projects get postponed … sometimes indefinitely. The resulting slowdown does not occur immediately, but it does arrive. Even with immediate remedial action, leads take weeks to months before flowing [...]


How to Craft a Drip Email Campaign from Scratch in a Day: Part 1

Drip email campaigns: law firms either hate them or love them. (If you need a quick refresher course, a drip email campaign is a series of automated emails sent out either at predetermined intervals or when triggered by the recipient’s behavior, such as opening a message in the series.) A number of attorneys are achieving [...]


9 Ways Lawyers Can Obtain and Convert More Leads

3 out of 4 lawyers we hear from want more leads. The fourth wants to convert a higher percentage of leads. If you fall into either camp, here are 9 proven techniques for obtaining and converting more leads:   MORE LEADS   Offer multiple lead magnets. Create answer booklets that address legal issues faced by your [...]


Lure Prospects Without “Selling”: 6 Research-Backed Strategies for Law Firms

Let’s face it: old school, interruptive law firm marketing strategies do not work anymore. Prospects would rather be engaged with than sold to—and frankly, most law firms would prefer the more cost-effective route of inbound marketing than dedicating massive resources to television advertisements that may not drive business. The following 6 strategies are ideal for [...]


FAQs for Small-Firm Lawyers About Online Reputation Management

Can I control what the public sees online about my law firm and me? To a surprising degree, yes you can. “Influence” is probably a more accurate description than “control.” But you can make an enormous difference in what your prospective clients see. Read on to learn how. Is influencing my online reputation worth my [...]


Prospect Content for 4 Legal Specialties

We are giving away licenses to use some of our high-quality content for prospects. For an unlimited time period and with no strings attached, you may use any of the pieces listed below to educate and attract prospective clients:   BANKRUPTCY   Email: 10 Things to Do Before You File Bankruptcy 9-page PDF: 23 Errors [...]

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