Lawyers SEO

Technical SEO Lawyers SEO is all about getting free advertising for your law firm by getting to the top of results returned by search engines, such as Google. You know that there are many factors that contribute towards successful rankings and the main two are grouped as Content and Links. However, if you do all [...]


Legal SEO

Why Attorneys Need Legal SEO Getting a new client now is significantly different than how your law firm might have gotten a new client 10 years ago.  At James Attorney Marketing, we have seen the legal industry transform from how interactions, business, and information is distributed between lawyers and their clients. Search Engine Optimization also [...]


Digital Marketing for Lawyers

No time for marketing? The most common reason that marketing at small law firms gets short-changed is lack of time. Plans get made, but then client demands interfere and marketing projects get postponed … sometimes indefinitely. The resulting slowdown does not occur immediately, but it does arrive. Even with immediate remedial action, leads take weeks [...]


Email Marketing for Lawyers

Creating Effective Email Campaigns Anyone familiar with the expenses involved in printing and distributing direct mail pieces or purchasing advertising space in a local business journal understands how cost prohibitive producing printed marketing materials can be. Your law firm simply may not have the bandwidth to create stunning print materials at the moment. However, you [...]


Attorney Email

3 Tips to Master the Art of Email Marketing When analyzing the effectiveness of attorney email campaigns, Campaign Monitor found that: organizations are 6x more likely to get a click-through due to an email campaign than a Tweet, and that for every $1 spent, email marketing generates nearly $40 in ROI. Take advantage of these [...]

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