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11 Tips on Handling the Defense Medical Exam (7 Pages)

When you file an injury claim, the defendant or his or her insurance, may ask for a defense medical examination as part of the pre-trial “discovery” process, in which both sides attempt to get as much information on a case before proceeding to trial.

While you and your attorney can’t control the defense medical examiner’s findings, there are things you can do before, during, and after the exam to prepare and help your attorney achieve your best outcome, which you can find in the attached guide.


I Was Injured in an Accident. What Do I Do Now? (123 Pages)

You receive our book branded with your name, photo, bio and contact information. Regardless of how your prospect was injured–whether in an auto accident, a medical accident, a slip or fall, or a dog attack, or by a defective product–they will have to prove some type of negligence in order to obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

This extensive book will be a helpful resource for them as they recover from their accident and consider moving forward with their personal injury claim.


FAQs: Personal Injury Settlements (7 Pages)

This FAQ set answers all prospective client’s settlement questions. Topics covered include questions throughout the following stages:

Preliminary – Why do I need an attorney?

Evaluation – Is my case big enough for a lawyer to handle?

Medical – Are medical bills included in a bodily injury claim?

Settlement – How does the insurance company decide to offer a settlement?



What to Expect at Your Deposition (5 Pages)


Preparing for Your Deposition in a Premises Liability Case (5 Pages)


Personal Injury Financial FAQs (6 Pages)


Personal Injury Case Flowchart (4 Pages)


After Your Accident; Some Do's and Don'ts (3 Pages)

Do's and Don'ts

Next Steps After Scheduling Your Initial Appointment (4 Pages)


17 Types of Injury Cases (17 Pages)


6 Reasons it Pays to Have a Personal Injury Attorney on Your Side (1 Page)


Advantages and Disadvantages of Submitting Your Case to Arbitration (1 Page)


FAQs: Personal Injury Lawsuits (7 Pages)


Pre-Existing Injuries and Conditions: Their Effect on Your Personal Injury Claim (4 Pages)


What to Expect at Your First Meeting with Your Personal Injury Attorney (2 Pages)


8 Tips for Testifying on the Witness Stand (3 Pages)


Red Flags in Medical Records (4 Pages)


8 Common Mistakes Made by Personal Injury Claimants (4 Pages)


11 Factors that Impact the Value of Your Personal Injury Case (27 Pages)


FAQs: Personal Injury Claims (14 Pages)

FAQs-Claims 2

9 Factors a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Consider in Evaluating Your Case (2 Pages)


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