Content Overview: Bankruptcy

84 FAQs About Personal Bankruptcy         (36 Pages)
If your prospects have recently filed bankruptcy, or are thinking about filing, this FAQ booklet will answer their most pressing questions.
Topics covered include:
Bankruptcy in general
Stopping Creditor Harassment
Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy
Debts, Property and Income
Marriage and Divorce
Short and Long-Term Consequences

Bankruptcy Answers & Issues (296 Pages)
You receive our book branded with your name, photo, bio and contact information. It provides answers to bankruptcy questions and alerts to the debt issues prospects might encounter:
– Is the Timing Right?
– How a Bankruptcy Discharge Works
– Debts That Can and Can’t Be Discharged
– Chapter 7 vs Chapter 13: Which is Best?
– Steps to Take Before You File
– What to Expect at Your First Meeting
– Documents You Will Need to Gather

What to Expect When Filing Bankruptcy    (9 Pages)
What Happens to Assets in Bankruptcy?
Retirement Accounts
Non-Exempt Assets
Unsecured Debts
Secured Debts
What is the Procedure in Bankruptcy?
Automatic Stay
What to Do with Property

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