Content for Your Prospects

Ready-to-use educational ebooks, pamphlets, FAQs, quizzes, flow charts, nudge emails, videos, and more

Bankruptcy Answers & Issues (296 Pages)

You’ve Been Arrested. What Happens Now? (180 Pages)

I Was Injured in an Accident. What Do I Do Now? (123 Pages)

100-250 Page Book Included

Unlike the short and fluffy booklets offered on some lawyer websites, our books are sizeable, tightly-written, well-organized, and practical works that are loaded with answers, tips, and the pitfalls of proceeding without representation.

You can either have us add your name, contact information, biography, and photo, or you can do your own branding.

We can also place a pop-up on your website that offers your book, obtains prospect contact information, and notifies you when your book is downloaded. And you may obtain printed copies as well as a PDF version.

Our high-quality and helpful content will:

  1. Wow your prospects
  2. Demonstrate your expertise
  3. Answer your prospect’s questions
  4. Bring you more sophisticated clients
  5. Set you apart from your competitors

FAQs About Divorce (11 Pages)

FAQs: Personal Injury Lawsuits (7 Pages)

Simply the Best

No one has consumer content as good as ours.

Our 35 years of publishing practical books for small-firm lawyers has taught us how to obtain high-quality manuscripts, organize and polish the text, and format and design the finished product.

We brought those same publishing skills to generating content for legal consumers, and have created educational series in 7 specialties:

Usage Recommendations

You can use our content a variety of ways, all of which will help generate and convert more leads, bring you more sophisticated clients, and reduce the time you have to spend repeatedly answering basic questions.

Build a shock-and-awe package

Mailing a large and fat envelope to prospects that is filled with helpful educational materials will set you apart from your competitors.

Offer a lead magnet on your website

Using a pop-up to present a booklet or FAQs will generate more leads than a static offer of the same materials, but both approaches will out-perform the standard free-consultation response form.


Create a nurturing series

Stay top of mind with prospects who don’t immediately convert, and create a favorable impression with the quality of your materials.

Hand out printed versions

Send undecided prospects home with answer-filled reading materials that will keep your name fresh and respected while they consider other lawyers.


Distribute printed versions

Give them to referral sources, place them where your prospects go, display them in your lobby and office, and provide them to your seminar attendees.

Affordable Pricing

For most practices, obtaining just one additional client every month due to our content will deliver a handsome return on this marketing investment.

If you don’t obtain a high ROI, cancel any time after the initial 3-month trial period. 3 months is the time needed to give our content a fair try.