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Are You Likely to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits? (113 Pages)

You receive our book branded with your name, photo, bio and contact information. Give your prospects the critical information they need to decide whether to pursue a claim in this guidebook that explains:

  • How the Social Security Administration (SSA) defines “disability.”
  • The 5-step sequential evaluation process that SSA uses to determine whether you are disabled.
  • Why an initial denial of your claim should not discourage you from appealing.
  • What to expect at your initial meeting with your attorney.
  • How your attorney will analyze your case.
  • How the onset date of your disability is determined and why the onset date is important.
  • The effect of prior applications and denials on your claim.
  • The problem of applying for disability while you are getting unemployment.


18 Common Mistakes Made by Unrepresented SSD Claimants (11 Pages)

Checklist for Completing Your Disability Report (1 Page)

Can My Family & Friends Help with My Claim? (6 Pages)

Do I Qualify for SSD Benefits if I Cannot Perform My Prior Job? (5 Pages)

Quiz: Will You Qualify for SSD Benefits? (10 Pages)

Can My Doctor Help Me with My Claim? (4 Pages)

Meeting Your Social Security Disability Attorney (4 Pages)

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