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Drunk Driving Defense Strategies (221 Pages)

You receive our book branded with your name, photo, bio and contact information. This book provides helpful strategies for when you are faced with drunk driving charges. It covers:

1. Frequently-asked questions about drunk driving
2. Your attorney’s investigation and evaluation
3. Was the stop valid?
4. Field sobriety tests
5. Underlying science
6. Jury selection and persuasion
7. Trial strategy
8. Cross examination of the arresting officer on field sobriety tests
9. Client testimony
10. Closing arguments


99 Drunk (or Drugged) Driving FAQs (56 Pages)

How to Find a Good DUI Lawyer (2 Pages)

What Other Defenses Are Available? (1 Page)

Charged with a DUI? Write these items down. (2 Pages)

Quiz: Should I Fight My Drunk Driving Charge? (10 Pages)

Glove Box Guide (3 Pages)

Was That a Lawful DUI Stop? (2 Pages)



Will You Be Asked to Testify? (2 Pages)

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