You’ve Been Arrested. What Happens Now? (180 Pages)

You receive our book branded with your name, photo, bio and contact information. The book explains, in straightforward and plain terms:

–What to expect on your journey through the criminal justice system;
–Your constitutional rights in the criminal justice system;
–The basics of bail;
–What to expect if your case goes to trial; and
–How a criminal defense lawyer can help you through every phase of your criminal case.


6 Things You Need to Know About Preliminary Hearings

Challenging an Eyewitness Identification

Quick Tips- Traffic Stops


When Your Loved One is Arrested

FAQs - Grand Jury Subpoenas

Flowchart - 4th Amendment Protections and Exceptions

Flowchart - Search and Seizure of Motor Vehicles

Deciding to Whether to Testify at Trial

Tips for Dealing with Police

Your Constitutional Rights at Trial

Bail Basics

Confronting the Eyewitness at Trial

Was That Police Search and Seizure Action Legal


Can You Get the Evidence Against Me Thrown Out

FAQs - The Criminal Justice System

Flowchart - Journey Through the Criminal Justice System

Collateral Consequences of a Guilty Plea

What to Expect at Trial

What to Expect When Visiting a Loved One in Jail