Online Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms and Startups

Online Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms and Startups Small law firms and startups face many challenges that larger firms may not have to consider. Among those challenges, the most poignant may be a smaller marketing budget. While larger firms may have seemingly infinite marketing resources, small firms can still compete with targeted marketing techniques [...]


Marketing Automation for Law Firms – Using Technology To Target A Niche

Marketing Automation for Law Firms - Using Technology To Target A Niche Last week, I had the pleasure to speak to hundreds of attorneys who are all trying to grow their firms and struggling to understand where to start. My topic, “Using Technology To Master Your Niche” was well received by the audience and we [...]


New Legal Marketing Trends Proven to Increase Leads and New Hires

Keeping up with hot, new legal marketing trends for law firms is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. But, what are these trends? And how can you use them to benefit your firm? Increase Your Hyperlocal Marketing Google remains a significant player in the search engine game. It has become such a [...]


Free Personalized Lead-Boosting Plan for Your Law Firm

We will create a personalized marketing plan showing how you can generate more leads while staying within your budget Your roadmap to more leads will be tailored to your law firm’s specialty, geographic region, current efforts and results, and marketing budget. This custom-drafted plan will list specific to-do’s in the order they should be implemented, and [...]


No time for marketing?

The most common reason that marketing at small law firms gets short-changed is lack of time. Plans get made, but then client demands interfere and marketing projects get postponed … sometimes indefinitely. The resulting slowdown does not occur immediately, but it does arrive. Even with immediate remedial action, leads take weeks to months before flowing [...]


Solo & Small Firms: Time to Approach Attorney Marketing Differently

While larger law firms have the resources to develop grandiose marketing campaigns and outsource excellent specialty-related content, smaller and solo law firms have to make do with much less. They tend to take a DIY, or do-it-yourself, approach to legal marketing which can result in a scattered and ineffective marketing plan that doesn’t pay off. [...]


Law Firms Overcomplicate Marketing—Here’s How to Simplify For Success

One of the most common reasons that law firms struggle to make an impact with attorney marketing is a disjointed, overcomplicated strategy. They create a massive content marketing plan that is destined to fail, goals and marketing metrics are hazy at best, email marketing is sporadic, and so much time is spent on maintaining 6 [...]


Do-It-Yourself Marketing That Works, with Examples

Here are five easy-to-implement marketing techniques that will increase your call volume. Most are free if you do them yourself. We have provided examples that you are welcome to copy. Few law firms have adopted all five techniques, even though each approach has a high return on the time or money invested in implementation. Written [...]


5 Overlooked Email Marketing Techniques for Law Firms

Of the many online marketing options that law firms have, email is by far the most effective and controllable way to reach prospective clients: Email’s average open rate of 22% dwarfs Facebook’s 6% and Twitter’s 2% You can easily track open, click-through, and conversion rates Email is unaffected by Google’s algorithm changes It is cheap; depending [...]


Marketing Vanity Metrics to Beware Of—And 3 to Focus on Instead

When it comes to marketing data, certain numbers sound great but don’t actually help to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts or guide decisions. These are called vanity metrics, and while they are fun to look at (who doesn’t want to celebrate how many visitors their legal website received this month?), they can actually distract from more [...]

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