How Great Content Can Reach Your Ideal Client Before They Are Ready To Retain

Marketing specialists talk an awful lot about the sales cycle. But what exactly is that? We can say with some certainty that it begins by prospecting for leads. On the customer side, they’re still in the research phase. But the research phase of the sales cycle can also be broken down into smaller parts, and [...]


Why Your Website Content Sucks, And How To Improve It

I review legal content on dozens of law firm sites each week, and the one thing they all have in common is, their content sucks. Prospects could care less about how amazing you are or how many awards you've won; they want to know if you can help them with their problem, that's it. It [...]


New Legal Marketing Trends Proven to Increase Leads and New Hires

Keeping up with hot, new legal marketing trends for law firms is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. But, what are these trends? And how can you use them to benefit your firm? Increase Your Hyperlocal Marketing Google remains a significant player in the search engine game. It has become such a [...]


How to Craft a Drip Email Campaign From Scratch in a Day: Part 2

With an average return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is a necessity for law firms of all sizes in today’s digital marketing landscape. Therefore, in part 1 of this how-to manual, we set the stage for producing a email drip campaign —an automated series of messages—from scratch. (If you [...]


How to Craft a Drip Email Campaign from Scratch in a Day: Part 1

Drip email campaigns: law firms either hate them or love them. (If you need a quick refresher course, a drip email campaign is a series of automated emails sent out either at predetermined intervals or when triggered by the recipient’s behavior, such as opening a message in the series.) A number of attorneys are achieving [...]


Prospect Content for 4 Legal Specialties

We are giving away licenses to use some of our high-quality content for prospects. For an unlimited time period and with no strings attached, you may use any of the pieces listed below to educate and attract prospective clients:   BANKRUPTCY   Email: 10 Things to Do Before You File Bankruptcy 9-page PDF: 23 Errors [...]


Producing Top-Notch Content in 2017: A Data-Driven Analysis

If you feel like your business is shooting in the dark when it comes to content marketing for lawyers, you aren’t alone; it turns out that overall, attorneys are not doing a great job at producing high-quality content that appeals to their audiences and results in more client business coming through the door. In one [...]


How to Engage More Visitors to Your Law Firm’s Website

If your site is like that of most law firms, only 2% of your visitors provide their contact information. The percentage will be even lower for websites that talk about you instead of addressing your prospective clients’ problems. Your website should be focused 80% on moving prospects along the engagement funnel and 20% on explaining [...]


Want to be a book author? Don’t have time to write one?

There’s a better than average chance you answered “yes” to both questions in the headline. After 35 years of seeking authors to write law books we have learned that (1) most lawyers would love to be book authors, and (2) very, very few are able to carve out the needed writing time. Despite that lack [...]


Need Help Nurturing Your Firm’s Prospects?

Most lawyers understand that staying in front of their prospects with an educational series of follow-up letters is the best way to convert their not-quite-ready prospects to clients. One of the best attributes of a follow-up educational series is that you write it once and it keeps working for years.   That doesn’t mean you [...]

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