Marketing Automation for Law Firms – Using Technology To Target A Niche

Marketing Automation for Law Firms - Using Technology To Target A Niche Last week, I had the pleasure to speak to hundreds of attorneys who are all trying to grow their firms and struggling to understand where to start. My topic, “Using Technology To Master Your Niche” was well received by the audience and we [...]


Will Your Ideal Client Swipe Right or Left When They Find You Online? Courting Your Niche

If you were looking for an attorney online, would you hire your firm? What makes your firm look compelling to prospects who have no idea who you are, how long you have been practicing, how great you are, and of course, your wonderful personality. If you’ve experienced online dating in the last five years, you [...]


Mastery in a Niche For Attorneys – Why It Is Important To Niche Down In Todays Market

“Niching down” is not a new concept. Nonetheless, it has become increasingly important to consumers in recent years. For law firms reaching out to clients, it remains an essential factor in their decision-making process. Potential clients are not merely considering niche regarding practice area, but also concerning how lawyers manage cases. For instance, let’s say [...]


6 Types of Data That Must Be on Your Attorney Marketing Dashboard

If you don’t track it, you can’t fix it. That is the motto of many a successful marketer and for good reason: marketing data empowers us to make informed decisions about strategy and spending based on what is working and what’s not. With so much information available, there is no excuse for any law firm [...]


4 Ways to Turn Your CRM into a Revenue-Generating Machine

If you’re serious about engaging past, present, and future clients, your firm is likely already using one of the more powerful tools available: a CRM (client relationship management) system. We’ve already covered the financial benefits of adopting a CRM, and attorneys interested in sophisticated client intake and retention techniques should take notice. In this post, [...]


Step-by-Step Guide: Qualifying Leads to Pursue the Right Clients

You wouldn’t try to sell a car to someone without a license. So why do so many attorneys pitch prospects that will never become good clients for their law firm? The answer is simple: they probably aren’t qualifying leads (prospects who have provided their contact information). Lead qualifying is the process of vetting contacts to [...]


The Massive Financial Impact of Installing a Legal CRM

Is a CRM right for my legal practice? Is it worth the financial investment? Exactly how will implementing a CRM affect my bottom line? We’ve compiled hard data about legal CRMs to answer those common questions asked by legal practices large and small. Read on to discover the financial implications of installing a CRM at [...]


6 Strategies to Use Your Legal CRM to Its Full Potential

For fast-paced law firms, marketing automation tools like CRMs (client relationship management systems) help to cut down on busy work, increase productivity, and grow business. However, many legal practices don’t end up using their CRM to its full potential, and become frustrated at the wasted time and money. We have compiled a short list of [...]


The Secret to More Productive Law Firms: Workload Automation

Are you killing your law firm’s productivity? You might not be doing it on purpose, but if you’re not using technology to help with tasks like analyzing campaign metrics and following up with prospects, your legal practice is definitely not running at full speed. Change that by automating five of the most time-consuming attorney marketing [...]

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