Adjust Your Law Firm’s Marketing in Response to Summer Internet Trends

With the summer months come sunnier days and outdoor picnics, two things that Americans look forward to all year. These seasonal cornerstones also mean that your prospects and clients will probably spend less time in front of the computer and in the office, and less time interacting with your online content. But wait—all hope is [...]


Website Conversion Tip: How To Turn Looky-Loos Into Paying Clients

Surfing through websites is more or less like virtual window shopping. And just like regular window shoppers, there are consumers who are looking to buy, and those who are simply checking out the online marketplace—the legal marketplace being no exception. However, if your website provides all the bells and whistles a potential client needs, you [...]


4 Lead Generation Ideas to Revitalize Your Attorney Marketing Strategy

Lead generation acts as the heart of your law firm, pumping new business into your practice so you can keep the lights on. As something so essential to the success of your practice, lead generation can’t be left to wither and die on the vine. If you’re seeing a decrease in the number of leads [...]


Legal Marketing Tip: How To Promote Your Law Firm Using SlideShare

Content is king when it comes to effective legal marketing, but content in the form of static text is now taking a backseat to image-centric content. Image-sharing sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter have already made their mark, but a site that’s quickly gaining traction on the image-sharing scene is SlideShare. SlideShare already has [...]


5 Legal Web Marketing Tips to Attract More Email Subscribers

To most e-commerce platforms, a well-cultivated email list is worth its weight in gold. This is no less true for law firms, who can experience notable benefits from gathering more email subscribers:   Greater brand awareness; Increased referrals; Higher client satisfaction; And more!   Your firm might already have a good base of email addresses [...]


Live Chat: 5 Ways To Stay Top of Mind With Prospective Clients

After prospective leads have contacted you via Live Chat, you need to stay top of mind with them while they’re in the consideration phase. These leads are likely contacting your competitors during this time, too, so by staying top of mind, you can encourage a potential client to take the next step towards becoming a [...]


3 Most Powerful Ways to Feature Client Testimonials on Your Lawyer Website

A recent Local Consumer Review Survey found that more than 70% of Internet users lend as much credibility to online reviews as personal recommendations, and 52% reported that they are more likely to go to a local business based on favorable online reviews. What’s the key takeaway here? Client testimonials can be your best friend [...]


3 Issues to Address When Implementing Live Chat on Your Law Firm’s Website

You have probably experienced it at some point while perusing the Internet: a little box pops up on a site’s homepage advertising its live chat feature, prompting you to connect with knowledgeable professionals standing by to answer any questions you may have. Live chat continues to gain popularity as more law firms uncover the benefits of [...]

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