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Using PPC to Attract More Clients To Your Law Firm

Law firm advertising isn’t easy. At one time a yellow pages ad or a television commercial would net you hundreds of new clients. Today, you must diversify your advertising techniques and include a healthy dose of digital marketing. With a dynamic set of tools, law firm marketing can be done successfully. One of the most [...]


How Great Content Can Reach Your Ideal Client Before They Are Ready To Retain

Marketing specialists talk an awful lot about the sales cycle. But what exactly is that? We can say with some certainty that it begins by prospecting for leads. On the customer side, they’re still in the research phase. But the research phase of the sales cycle can also be broken down into smaller parts, and [...]


Why Your Website Content Sucks, And How To Improve It

I review legal content on dozens of law firm sites each week, and the one thing they all have in common is, their content sucks. Prospects could care less about how amazing you are or how many awards you've won; they want to know if you can help them with their problem, that's it. It [...]

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