How quickly do you respond to new leads? Based on my experience, most firms try their best to get back to new inquiries within a few hours but struggle keeping up when they get busy. According to Google, a searcher’s intent to hire is fulfilled within 50 minutes of their initial search. When a prospect contacts your firm with a question, they want an answer NOW! Not in 24 hours or 2 hours. They want someone to help them now, and they will go down the list of numbers on Google until they find an attorney who says they can help them.

Responding to Inquiries Immediately Increases Your Chance of Retaining Clients

A recent study by Google suggests the first business to respond to an inquiry is 8 times more likely to win the prospect’s business. If you do not respond to an inquiry immediately, your firm has little chance of retaining the client. I often ask attorneys about their conversion rates and the response I get is pretty typical. Most claim they retain 90% of the clients they talk to, which I doubt. But for the sake of conversation, let’s assume this is true. The question I follow with is: how many prospects are you not talking to? This is the number that goes unmeasured and is the key to growing your business.

What if I told you that we could implement a system that would immediately contact the inquiry via text message, email and an automated call? Or, better yet, what if we could send the prospect to an automated intake bot that would qualify the prospect via SMS or live chat without any human interaction? Would you be interested? Technology has advanced drastically over the last few years. But law firms have not kept up and it is impacting their ability to grow. What are you waiting for? The opportunity is right there for any firm willing to invest a little time, hard work and money in change.

Find a Partner Who Knows What They’re Doing

Providing this content to your prospects through an automated system can be done. But it takes time, patience and a partner who knows what they are doing. This is a game changer for firms willing to invest the time and resources to implement a system that can help them establish a connection and trust immediately with prospects interested in hiring an attorney.

Most of the benefits listed here provide practical ideas on how to put marketing automation to practical use for both the client and attorneys. For example, the use of in-app messages, SMS, emails, surveys, links, white papers, informative/entertaining content, etc. All of these things are relatively new marketing tools that lawyers can tastefully and effectively employ in the battle to not only find clients but stay in touch with them.

Below, I outline some of the benefits of implementing a CRM or marketing automation system in your firm. Please take some time and give this serious thought. I know from direct experience that implementing a good CRM can make a big difference in multiple areas of your firm. And the key to doing this right is finding the right partner to work with to help you implement the technology in your practice.

What’s “Marketing Automation” or a “CRM?”

Simply put, marketing automation is the use of software technologies and platforms to streamline/optimize online, multiple-channel (i.e., social media, email, websites, etc.) marketing campaigns. It also reduces or even eliminates repetitive tasks. A CRM, also known as a customer relationship management system, should have marketing and administrative automation tools integrated for users to deploy. This allows computers to keep track of, manage, and report on (potential) client activities.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • Establishing connections/leads with users
  • Increasing efficiency & decreasing operational/administrative costs
  • Freeing personnel for other tasks/processes
  • Helping your firm stand out
  • Improving market positioning and brand
  • Improving the use of webinars, “special-order” content, case studies, eBooks, etc.
  • De-emphasizing the “competing-based-on-price-alone” paradigm
  • Providing extensive, multifaceted, updated, useful, easily-accessed, not-otherwise-available data (site visits, shares, blog subscriptions, etc.) from multiple e-sources
  • Improving marketing Return On Investment (ROI) & activities measurably
  • Minimizing errors inherent in manual, repetitive tasks
  • Opening doors for creating functions, such as integrating data, projects, and initiatives
  • Putting to more efficient/effective use social networking site information
  • Helping the sales/marketing team to more efficiently utilize landing pages, website features, traffic-driving content, score leads, email campaigns, etc.

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