Technology And Automation Can Make Good Attorneys Great! Stop Wasting Time On Work That Does Not Impact Your Client

Over the last year, I have spoken to thousands of attorneys about the importance of integrating technology into their practices. After each presentation, I work with firms to help integrate systems into their offices to take repetitive work off their desks.

If you are trying to grow your firm and improve the level of service you provide your clients, call us and let us help you. Still not convinced that technology and automation can help your firm? The information below may give you some insight and provide you with food for thought. If you would like to schedule an appointment today to discuss how we can help your firm, click here and get started.

Automating Your Law Practice To Increase Your Business

You probably have dozens of tasks that seem repetitive and unnecessarily complicated. By boiling down those repetitive duties into simple tasks, you can automate your processes, thereby saving time and money. And by saving time and money, you can increase your work capacity and better serve more clients.

Spend Less Time On Repetitive Tasks And More Time On Billable Work

While there is an increased need for legal services, people want to pay less than they have in the past. Large law firms often outsource work and try to make processes more efficient so that they can lower rates. Small law firms, however, often do not have the capacity or resources to do this. By automating specific tasks, both large and small firms can achieve their goals.

Attorneys often spend too much time on nonbillable tasks. So how can you take that low-level work off your desk and spend more time on tasks that will make you money? Technology. A machine can complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. Both you and your assistants should avoid any repetitive tasks that can be automated by software.

Think about LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer. Why have their products been so well-received? It’s because they provide services that automate many of the needs of legal consumers, which allows them to lower prices and still offer their customers with essential services. Law firms can automate tasks in much the same way. You can provide standardized legal products to clients while also offering custom solutions requiring legal expertise.

Deciding What To Automate: Process Mapping

You may be on board with the automation of repetitive tasks, but how do you determine which tasks to automate? Process mapping can help you make those decisions. By analyzing and charting your business procedures, you can identify which elements can effectively be automated and which need a human touch.

Tasks that are repetitive and don’t require in-depth legal analysis should be automated. There are likely tasks at each step of your case handling process that fall under this category. During your process mapping, identify which of these will benefit from software that currently exists on the market.

Automating Document Drafting

Many attorneys spend the majority of their time writing and drafting documents. But many of these documents contain repetitive content and can be generated through automation.

For example, your document database might include letters to insurance companies, complaints, basic contracts, intake forms, etc. To fully automate the process of drafting these documents, you can use automation software to turn them into forms. The software can then be used to complete those forms after the information is entered into the system. Tools such as Agile CRM or Lawmatic can help you build custom documents from the established text.

Automating Emails

Automated responses can also help you quickly generate email messages. For example, Agile CRM allows you to save pre-written phrases and text as “Quick parts” that can be inserted into emails as needed. The software merges client data from profiles into your emails so that you can automatically customize each message to each client.

Potential clients generally ask the same questions. By creating email templates once in Agile CRM, you can quickly respond to clients with information that addresses these commonly asked questions. Saving even five minutes while writing an email can add up in the end, especially as your business grows.

Automating Scheduling

It can be time-consuming to go back and forth with clients when deciding on a date and time to meet. Again, software tools like Agile CRM and acuityscheduling can automate the scheduling process by allowing someone to book an appointment that fits into your schedule without having to talk to a single person.

By connecting with your calendar, these tools can ensure you don’t get double booked and that your appointment is scheduled at a time you’ve indicated is convenient. Agile CRM also allows you to automate follow-up appointment reminders and much more.

Using Automation Tools And Technology Can Increase Your Firm’s Efficiency

Instead of spending hours every day on repetitive tasks that could easily be completed by a machine, law firms and solo practitioners should identify tasks that can be automated and thus taken off their desks. The software can help firms can reduce the nonbillable time for attorneys, paralegals, and other staff so that they can spend more time on work that will impact their clients and grow their business.

Stop Wasting Time On Work That Can Be Automated

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