Keeping up with hot, new legal marketing trends for law firms is a great way to stay ahead of the competition. But, what are these trends? And how can you use them to benefit your firm?

Increase Your Hyperlocal Marketing

Google remains a significant player in the search engine game. It has become such a recognized force in our daily lives that the verb form of Google is now an official word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Over the last few years, Google has noticed an increase in the amount of “near me” searches made on a daily basis. With the abundance of smartphones in society today, users can tap a button and instantly search the web for local information and services. One major trend that comes as a result of these “near me” searches is “hyperlocal marketing.” If used correctly, this type of marketing allows your business to appear in the top searches within a specified local radius.

Focusing every piece of your marketing activity on a specific location will increase your hyperlocal presence. Consider even narrowing your focus down to individual neighborhoods. One tip is to have multiple search engine optimized (SEO) web pages targeted at fixed locations in your city.

While firms in rural areas, or firms specializing in long-standing corporate clients, may not benefit much from hyperlocal marketing, it is still vital to understand how crucial local-oriented marketing is in modern society.

Improve Your Knowledge of Data Analytics

While once a tool only utilized by major corporations, advances in technology have made data collection and analysis a much faster and easier process. Affordable cloud software even allows small businesses to evaluate critical insights in their data to improve their marketing strategies. Understanding your data will open your door to a strategy you didn’t realize you could leverage.

Without data analytics, you may miss out on otherwise great opportunities. For example, knowing the exact number of your clients driven to your website from social media could lead to you increasing your presence on Facebook and Twitter. Or, data analytics can also tell you which referral partner sends you the most traffic.

Data analytics is key to building a successful business. Invest in a simple to use software that will allow you to collect data into a database for easy analytical purposes. Stay ahead of your competition by utilizing the data you collect for the benefit of your firm.

Segment Your Marketing Messages

The most effective form of marketing is promoting messages aimed at a targeted audience. But, if you have a broad target audience, what should you do then?

The answer is segmentation. Segmented marketing is when you divide your marketing approach to tailor towards a specific subgroup within your target audience. For instance, if your audience is made up of people that speak a different language, develop multiple websites each in one of those languages. Or, if your firm handles both personal injury claims and bankruptcy, tailor your email marketing to send different newsletters to both sets of clients.

To effectively segment your marketing strategies, determine the main groups of your clientele and divide your marketing strategy aimed at each group’s persona.

Market Through Livestream Video

Nearly every major social media platform now offers some form of Livestream video. From Facebook Live to Youtube Live, this hot new marketing trend is catching on for many business owners and marketers. While the prospect of streaming yourself online may sound uncomfortable, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.

One benefit to Live streaming video is that it connects you face to face with your audience. By engaging in live video with your followers, you give any prospective clients a chance to associate your firm with a human face. Relating potential clients to your firm is a great way to build their trust and gain their business. It also keeps you directly in touch with current clients, which will ensure their repeated business.

Many major social media platforms will also automatically promote your live stream video to any of your followers, free exposure that could lead to marketing beyond your current followers. For example, if one of your followers knows a friend that could use your services, they could refer their friend to your live video.

Whether you’re interested in using live stream video to answer people’s legal questions or giving free consultations, marketing through live video is a great way to differentiate your firm from the competition.

Marketing Through Customer Experience

The age-old rule in any business is that excellent customer service leads to loyal customers. You may not associate customer experience with marketing. However, there is a tremendous marketing opportunity to be had with providing outstanding customer service.

By providing your clients and customers with a great experience, you are not only ensuring their repeated business, but you’re also opening the door to customer referrals. If your client is happy with the service you provide them, they are more likely to spread the name of your firm to their friends and family members. Through this referral process, you are establishing yourself as a welcoming presence, which will, in turn, build brand loyalty.

Today’s leading companies still focus their attention on customer service. Keep your customers happy, and they’ll keep coming back for more, as well as do your marketing for you.

All the above marketing trends will help you grow your firm. However, don’t just focus your attention on one specific direction. Determine which trends can best help your business multiply and give each one your full attention. If you employ these hot new marketing trends for your law firm, you are ensuring sustainable growth for your business.