KPI Tracking For Attorneys Who Have No Clue Where To Start

I’ve yet to meet a lawyer who did not want to convert more leads to clients but when I ask them simple questions pertaining to data they should be tracking, I rarely get an answer. Most just keep throwing more money into lead generation instead of taking the time to create a system for tracking key data points that would help them make better decisions.  

Law firms are being forced to run more efficiently and technology is creating opportunities for small to midsize firms to not only track key metrics, but they also can automate large portions of their work allowing them to scale quickly and affordably. The key to a running a successful law firm is understanding what works and what does not. Attorneys need to focus time on efforts that will generate the most revenue in the shortest time frame but how do you know what you should be focused on or if you’re looking at this from a marketing angle, how do you know what marketing efforts are producing clients?

We created a guide you can download for free that will help you identify what you should be tracking and will give you more information on how to track each data point. If you have questions or would like to talk to me about your firm’s metrics, schedule an appointment today and I will be happy to dive into your specific questions and give you honest feedback and advice.

Download The Guide Here