How You Can Use Google Trends to Boost Your Law Firm Online

Using Google Trends to Boost Your Law Firm Online

If your law firm has an online presence, people likely find you through Google. The majority of people use Google search to find services. Google Trends is a tool that records the way people are finding information. You can tap into the data collected by Google Trends and use it to optimize your online presence so that when people search for services, they quickly find your law firm.

How You Can Use Google Trends Data

Data from Google Trends can allow you to make informed marketing decisions regarding your website, Google My Business listing, blogs, and more. The tool will provide you with information about Google search trends over time and throughout any geographic area. You can use that data to structure the content you publish across the internet.

Google Trends data can help you:

  • Determine the interests of people searching for your legal practice areas
  • Analyze which legal issues need attention immediately
  • Obtain diverse information about your potential clients

The raw data that is available on Google Trends can be used to address an array of wants and needs of potential clients. It will give you an understanding of what potential clients are looking for and how you can meet those needs.

Getting Started with Google Trends

The Google Trends interface is user friendly and free to all users. After navigating to the main page of Google Trends, you can use a search bar where you will be prompted to “Enter a search term or topic.” You can enter terms that are relevant to your practice to find out more about how people are searching for similar things.

You may also specify your search parameters by:

  • Geographic area – This feature allows you to choose a specific country, state, or city from which your potential clients may be searching.  
  • Specific range of time – You may choose to look at historical information from 2004 to present or searches over the past hour. There is a large range of time periods from which you can review search data.
  • Category – You may select a specific topic area that people may search within, such as “Arts & Entertainment” or “Business & Industrial.”
  • Type of search – You may be looking for information from a standard Google web search, or you may want data from images searches or another type of search.

Once you set your search parameters and submit a search term, you will be provided with a line chart that depicts the interest of searchers over time in the term that you provided. You will also have access to related topics and related queries. This information can all be utilized to support your business.

Using Google Trends to Support Your Law Firm Online

Google Trends data can all be utilized to boost your law firm’s online presence. You can utilize they keyword data provided by the tool to understand the performance of your website, blog, and other online offerings.

Some of the most common terms you can search in Google Trends include:

  • Your law firm name
  • The names of attorneys at your firm
  • Your primary practice areas
  • Your primary practice areas + “lawyer” (i.e. criminal defense lawyer, child custody lawyer, divorce lawyer)
  • Keywords related to your practice areas
  • Specific laws and regulations
  • Legal news and current events

All of these topics can result in keywords that can be used in your website, blogs, Google My Business listing, guest posts, and more. Google Trends will show you the performance of those keywords over time and among people in your specific geographic area. Thus, your potential clients search data will provide you with a means to create content that caters to their specific needs.  

If there is a significant amount of interest in a specific keyword, you may want to use that term within your content. However, if there is not much search surrounding a particular term, you may want to avoid investing marketing resources into that keyword. You can create web pages and blogs with these terms. You may also integrate these keywords into your profiles online.

Understanding Google Trends in Specific Geographic Areas

One of the most useful characteristics of Google Trends is the ability to search in specific geographic areas. Most law firms have a specific geographic focus. You can structure your Google Trends data search to a specific state or other sub region. Language differences, weather, festivals, and more can impact the way people in a region search.

Google information concludes that people in different geographic areas search for different things at different times. If you search “divorce lawyer” in Georgia, the trends will be different in Atlanta when compared to Savannah. It’s important to know what people in your specific geographic service region are searching. You can create content that will address their wants and needs.

Knowing What Your Potential Clients Are Seeking

Google Trends provides you with a plethora of data that will help you understand your potential clients. People will search for things that they need and want. When searching for legal services, they will seek information that benefits them. Thus, when you are creating content, you should keep this in mind. Provide potential clients with what they want and need, and they will come to you for legal services.

You can learn about searcher interests as well as needs. For example, by running a news search, you will find out what kind of current events are keeping your potential clients interested. You can run a keyword search to determine what news searches are relevant to your practice areas. By providing people with what they want, they will be more interested in what else you can provide to them.  

Using Google Trends to Create Content

Content makes up your website, blog, GMB listing, and other profile listings on third party websites. You can use the data you obtain from Google Trends to create content for those online locations. Thus, when people search those keywords, your content will show up at the top on Google.

Begin by searching Google Trends with a keyword that is related to one of your top practice areas. Use the search categories and make sure you’ll be looking at data from your potential clients. If that term performs well over time, you can use it as a primary keyword in a piece of content. You may find additional or semantic keywords in the related topics and related queries sections of Google Trends. Use as many related keywords as possible in one piece of content.

Use Google Trends to Improve Your Online Presence

Google Trends is a tool that can be used to improve your law firm’s online presence. Lawyers can use it to determine which keywords are being searched most often, assess which related terms may be searched at the same time by the same people, and compare popularity of keywords over time. This information can be used to structure your SEO and content marketing plan, thereby boosting your law firm online.