Do You Feel Like You’re Wasting Money on Your Marketing Efforts?

Do you measure your cost per lead or cost per hire? Does your marketing company (or companies) encourage you to track this information and give you the tools to do so? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to evaluate your relationship with your vendors.

Marketing companies are a dime a dozen, and there are a million ideas that all sound great on the surface — and may even be affordable. But how do you know if they’re working for you? If you’re working with more than one agency, how do you coordinate the data from each to create an ROI report on the combined services? Most firms I talk to simply don’t. And even worse, many go with their gut instinct, and some lose information they receive from prospects about where they found the firm.

If this is you, please call or schedule an appointment with me. I can help.

A Full Service Agency Can Save You Money and Increase Your ROI

There aren’t many full service agencies that can provide many or all of the services firms need. Most marketing agencies provide a few services like SEO, social media or reputation management, and you have to find another company to help fill the gaps.

Most people in my industry will not like what I’m saying, but the truth is, the client suffers when they have to work with multiple companies that provide overlapping services. Today, a full service agency is a more effective approach for law firms — and can save you money as well as increase your ROI.

When working with a full-service agency, you’ll also have better coordination of efforts. You won’t have to do the legwork to ensure your marketing strategies are working together. Your agency will coordinate your web design, branding, SEO, paid search, video, social media, and content marketing to generate new, high-value cases for your firm.

You Need a Partner Who Knows How to Make Marketing Strategies Work for You

I speak at and attend conferences, mastermind groups, and other events throughout the year, and I have noticed a troubling trend when it comes to legal marketing. Specifically, experts are touting their methods and selling their wares to law firms with little information as to what the firm actually needs. Even worse, attorneys are desperate for ideas and investing in the next big idea that is backed by an “expert”.

Each not-so-new idea or gamechanger strategy can be found in most marketing books on Amazon, but very few agencies can actually implement the concept and make it work for each client. Implementing these strategies takes patience, careful planning and a partner that has your best interests in mind.

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