Results from search engine optimization work typically take a couple months to begin showing. But when results do arrive, they can be stunningly large.

That is what happened with this multi-office bankruptcy firm. We began working with them 5 months ago, saw some initial improvements and then in 3 short months:

  • Organic traffic doubled
  • Calls from their website nearly tripled
  • Calls from Google My Business climbed 50%
  • Total monthly calls jumped from 202 to 364 — an 80% increase

An art, but not voodoo

Sometimes lawyers feel like search engine optimization work is alchemy.

Instead, SEO is more akin to cooking. The strategic part is an art taking many years to learn, like recipe development, but implementation is far more elementary, like chopping and mixing.

For organic rankings, we select high-opportunity keywords, create content using those keywords, and build inbound links, which is the most challenging task. For Google My Business rankings, we create large numbers of citations on the most important directories and solicit online reviews from your past clients.

To improve both types of rankings, we audit your site for errors and omissions and one-by-one correct them – URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and more. We also add schema so your review ranking (1-5 stars) shows on your Google listing.

Extensive experience

Our team has been doing this work for law firms for many years, and has acquired a strong command of what works. We don’t always receive results like those described above, but we nearly always deliver meaningful improvements in rankings, website visitors, and call volume.

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