Bankruptcy attorney halts $150,000 in annual pay-per-click spending,

and still increases lead flow

This multi-office, 4-attorney bankruptcy firm had decent website traffic when we took over their search engine optimization work 15 months ago.
But they were also highly dependent upon pay-per-click advertising, spending over $12,000 per month.

Major savings, better results

Today they spend next-to-nothing on pay-per-click ads, yet their lead volume has grown.  Here is the traffic and conversion comparison:

15 months agoToday% Increase
New Users5521,283132.4%

How we did it

The key to this firm’s growth in traffic and conversions was increasing the number of keywords they rank for.
When we began work 15 months ago, the firm ranked for 551 keywords. Today the firm ranks for 1,722 keywords.

More important, the keywords that the firm ranks for are ones used by searchers ready to retain a lawyer. The firm ranks #1 organically for several critical keywords, and ranks #2 locally, which puts the firm into Google’s 3-pack of local listings.

The value of a Google 3-pack listing

The 3-pack appears above organic listings, and its click-to-call feature is especially attractive to searchers using smartphones.  Depending on the specialty, half to two-thirds of searches for lawyers are performed on smartphones.
Consequently, lawyers with small marketing budgets should devote their initial efforts into ranking locally so they get into the 3-pack.

Want help?

Whether your goal is to (1) rank higher locally or organically, (2) improve the quality of your leads, or (3) convert more of your website traffic, we can help. We have proven techniques and content for lifting your results in all three areas.