Are You On The Map? More Than 60% Of Your Calls Should Come From Local Search

Google My Business, often called “GMB” for short, lets you manage the way your business appears on Google Search and Maps. Your GMB listing appears any time someone searches for your law firm or types in a term that might possibly be related to your business.

It’s important that the information presented in your GMB listing is accurate and up to date. In fact, your GMB listing is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. Read below to learn more about what your Google My Business listing can do for you.

Your GMB listing takes up the most attractive real estate on a search engine results page

When someone searches for your law firm by name, your GMB listing will show up prominently on the search engine results page (SERP). This listing will provide searchers with a summary of your practice, clients’ Google reviews, your contact information, and other information that you can monitor and edit in your account. Your GMB profile will serve as the first impression for potential clients.

You can verify your contact information and link to your website on your GMB listing

Your GMB listing will provide Google users with basic information about your law firm. It’s therefore important to make sure your law firm name, telephone number, address, and other contact information are correct. You can also link your website to your GMB listing so potential clients and directly link to your site.

Your GMB listing will populate the local pack listings

When someone searches your geographic area for a law firm, a map will appear along with what is called a “map pack” or “local pack,” which will list the GMB listing information of the top three law firms in that area. Keeping your location and contact information up to date is crucial, as Google Maps will use that info to provide directions to your office, if available.

You can use GMB to make posts about your law firm

Google My Business has gone through a lot of changes recently, one of which includes the ability to post information about your law firm directly to your My Business listing. These posts can include information such as:

  • firm events,
  • community service and charity work done by the firm,
  • speaking engagements,
  • leadership possessions in professional organizations, and
  • information about your practice areas or legal services.

You may also use the GMB posts to highlight information you post on website’s blog.

GMB allows clients to post reviews about your law firm

One of the most effective marketing uses of GMB is the reviews feature. Your clients can post reviews about your services and rate your work (one to five stars). If you know of a satisfied client or if you recently closed a successful case, request reviews from your client and encourage them to rate you on GMB. You can later create a post from positive reviews that will be highlighted on your GMB page.

You can communicate directly with potential clients through GMB

Google My Business has a messaging feature that allows you to directly communicate with people who find you on Google. You can make it easy for consumers by highlighting the message function and encouraging them to reach out to you through Google My Business. You can configure the messaging system to directly link to a smartphone that has text capabilities.

You can answer clients’ potential questions directly on GMB

GMB has a question and answer function that allows potential clients to ask questions and get answers. But anyone with a Google account can post a question or answer, so it’s important that you are proactive about reviewing questions and providing answers.

While you should encourage people to ask you anything, you should also avoid getting questions dissatisfied clients whenever possible. Negative reviews can result in Google hiding a location. If one person asks about the status of their case, others may assume you are difficult to contact. The best way to avoid this is to provide all clients with exceptional service and answer all questions as promptly as possible.

You may soon be able to post videos to GMB

Video posts may soon be available through Google My Business. You will be in a position to record a message for potential clients and upload it directly to Google. This will ensure your clients receive direct messaging about topics that will encourage them to link to your website, call your phone number, or otherwise contact you on GMB.

GMB may soon offer a business booking button

Another new feature that GMB promises to launch for law firms is an option for clients to book an appointment through Google. Many other business categories have this option already. Your booking button may allow clients to directly book an appointment with you, or it may link to your contact page. The easier you make it for clients to book time with you, the higher chance you have of gaining new business.

You can track GMB listing data through Google Search Console

It’s important to keep track of how your clients arrive on your website, access your telephone number, obtain your email, and finally arrive at your business. GMB provides analytics data that allows you to track information such as linking to and from your site, use of your GMB listing, and more. You can use this information to figure out what to invest in more to obtain more clients.

It’s Important to Abide by Google My Business Guidelines

When using GMB and optimizing your Google listing, it’s important to know and abide by User Guidelines. Keep in mind that these have been developed to prevent fraud and encourage healthy business relationships between organizations and consumers. You must:

  • Use your real contact information
  • Don’t keyword stuff your name or other GMB listing fields
  • Use specific categories for your practice areas

Many other law firms may not be abiding by GMB User Guidelines, and they may face consequences as a result. Firms that do not use their real names or who input fake addresses can be reported to Google and removed indefinitely. It’s also possible to have your entire GMB listing removed if you aren’t following the Guidelines.

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We know the importance of working with GMB to develop a listing that ranks high in the local pack and looks professional in your SERP. Call James Attorney Marketing today at (714) 613-0042 to find out more about how we can help your law firm develop a successful SEO strategy that incorporates a well-managed GMB listing.  

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