There’s a better than average chance you answered “yes” to both questions in the headline.

After 35 years of seeking authors to write law books we have learned that (1) most lawyers would love to be book authors, and (2) very, very few are able to carve out the needed writing time.
Despite that lack of lawyer-writing time, prospective clients still:


  • Download thousands of free law books
  • Need to be educated about their legal issues before they retain counsel
  • Have great respect for lawyers who are book authors


Our answer


We have produced six high-quality books for legal consumers:



These books are not like the skimpy, simplistic, and low-quality pamphlets you see offered on the sites of some lawyers.


The writing in our books is the same top-drawer, practitioner-drafted work that we have been producing for lawyers for over three decades, but directed at and written for consumers.


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Your name added


The book will be branded with your name, photo, biography, and contact information. And you are welcome to add some pages or even a chapter, if you have the writing time available.
We provide both PDFs and hard copies so you have books to display in your office and your lobby, and to hand out to high-value prospects.


How to obtain your book


Our books are provided at no charge to subscribers to our Legal Content CRM, along with extensive follow-up series that include detailed FAQs, four-color booklets, process flow charts, and plain-text emails.


Prices start at $1,000/month for a fully-content loaded CRM, unified marketing dashboard, and online-review generation software.


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–The marketing team at James Attorney Marketing