We’ve yet to meet a lawyer who didn’t want to convert more callers to clients, but most are not taking advantage of call-tracking technology. For example, our easy-to- use cloud-based call software shows:

  • What web sources are generating calls: Organic, Direct, Adwords, Local, Referral, Yelp, Avvo, etc.
  • Originating web page: which landing pages are most productive?
  • Prospects having cases you want: e.g., truck accidents, nursing home injuries, _______
  • Time to first call: how long are prospects spending on your web pages before dialing?
  • Device used: phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Missed calls: how many prospects are getting away from you?
  • Call duration: is your staff failing to engage many prospects in meaningful conversations?

Spot opportunities to improve
Our call software helps you dig deeper when potential issues are indicated. For example, with one click you can listen to calls of short duration, or with a new staff member. Periodic monitoring will help you coach when room for improvement exists.
Or maybe, like more than one of our clients has, you will find that a staff member is simply obtaining a callback number instead of learning whether prospects have your kind of cases and helping the right ones set appointments.

Make high-impact changes
1. Do you know which marketing efforts generate the best leads?

  • Our software can alert you by text when good leads come in. The first knowledgeable and helpful law office to call a prospect is usually the one that lands the client.
  • You can steer calls from your best lead sources to particular phones and thus make sure that the high-quality leads are handled by your most effective appointment-setter.
  • Perhaps most important, you learn which marketing efforts should be expanded and which should be trimmed.

2. Do you know how many calls are not being answered?

  • Just because you have staff present when a call comes in does not guarantee that it will be answered. And not picking up the phone is the surest way to lose a prospect.
  • Who is not answering is identified, as well as when.

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Free to our clients
Whether you engage us to improve web traffic, obtain more reviews, streamline administrative processes, update your technology, or improve your law business every way we know how, we understand that every law firm wants more clients.

That is why we include our call-tracking technology at no extra charge in every assignment we take on. Call-tracking technology can make a big difference in your caller-conversion rate, and we would love to explain how.

Free marketing and tech audit
If you want us to review your marketing, technology, and business process to uncover easy ways you can increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve your bottom line, 30 minutes is usually enough for us to give you several high-impact recommendations.

Click below to learn more and make an appointment to speak with our president Travis Hise. There will be no heavy sales pitch — just questions and then recommendations based on what is already working at other law firms.

Know upfront that none of our services cost less than $1,500/month, and that most (but not all) of our clients spend a minimum of $1,000/month on marketing.