With more than 35 years of experience helping attorneys with their marketing services, we understand that marketing for law firms is unique. Legal practices are their own breed of business that most marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) companies aren’t familiar with, especially when it comes to highly competitive legal niches and geographic markets.

That’s why we are sharing our knowledge on the subject. Below, we’ve outlined three of the greatest SEO challenges facing attorneys today, along with solutions for law firms of all types.

Challenge #1: Many Attorneys Don’t Have Enough Marketing Resources

Unlike businesses, law offices typically don’t have dedicated marketing teams strategizing about how to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

For instance, link building—getting external websites to link back to the law firm’s website—can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult to do successfully without experience. Attorneys who try the DIY route usually end up become overwhelmed and frustrated at the lack of results, or find that they have to spend so much time on SEO that client management suffers.Solution:

Work with a legal-specific attorney marketing firm that understands how to best provide SEO support for your law firm. For instance, James Publishing & Attorney Marketing specializes in working with legal practices and has developed a network of more than 1,000 legal websites that can provide relevant citations, which hold greater weight than citations from websites that aren’t law-oriented.

Best of all, James Publishing provides full-service marketing services including attorney SEO, content marketing such as customized 100-page books, and Google+ Local optimization (Google Local is a local business listing that features a law firm’s contact information and appears in Google local rankings and on Google Maps) in order to create comprehensive strategies that work.

Challenge #2: SEO Services Often Take Advantage of Law Offices

SEO companies know that their clients aren’t typically experienced in the online marketing realm… and they take advantage of this lack of knowledge. They sometimes make promises that they can’t keep, taking payment while hoping their attorney clients don’t realize the results are less than ideal. 


First, learn the basics of attorney SEO. James Publishing & Attorney Marketing’s blog is chock-full of free, helpful marketing information about everything from SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) to data security and workload automation.

After getting up to speed a bit, work with a partner you can trust. If you’re not sure where to begin, check out James Publishing’s Law Firm Marketing Grader—it assesses your current marketing efforts and provides specific tips for improvement, all for free. It’s just one way that the James Publishing & Attorney Marketing team starts earning your trust.

As the relationship continues, we provide monthly ranking reports to itemize the work being done, such as:

  • Auditing your website and fixing errors
  • Uncovering page-by-page recommendations for internal links, social engagement, and more
  • Promoting search engine visibility
  • Implementing search optimization strategies like maintaining your Google+ profile and creating additional citations

This open communication policy ensures that you always understand what’s being done to boost your law firm’s SEO efforts and how your budget is being spent.

Challenge #3: Law Firms Can Be Slow to Accept New Technologies and Strategies

We’ve heard it before: half of a law firm is on board with bringing on new technologies and new marketing strategies, while the other half digs in their boots—they don’t see the point of changing when business is “going just fine.” Legal practices can be notoriously slow to change, and it’s not uncommon for attorneys to experience pushback.


If you’re facing a wall at your law office, show them proof that dedicating resources to internet marketing and SEO works. James Publishing & Attorney Marketing’s own client, personal injury attorney Loren Etengoff, has more than doubled his caseload year over year by focusing on improving SEO through his website and content, as well as accruing positive online reviews that boosted his site rating.

Another client, criminal defense attorney Howard Snader, increased the number of prospect calls coming into his practice from 18-25 per month to more than 200 per month. Thanks to optimizing his website and adding quality content that could attract backlinks, revenue increased by 22% year-over-year.

Evidence like this can help to convince even the most reluctant team members that focusing on attorney SEO is worth the investment.

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