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  • Email: 10 Things to Do Before You File Bankruptcy
  • 9-page PDF: 23 Errors Commonly Made by People Who File Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer
  • 6-page PDF: Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy
  • 4-page PDF: What to Expect at Your First Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Email: Rescheduling Initial Telephone Call
  • Infographic: Key Events in Typical Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies



  • Email: Can You Get the Evidence Against Me Tossed Out?  With Information Sheet
  • 10-page PDF: 19 Things Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Wishes You Knew
  • 5-page PDF: Action List When Your Loved One is Arrested
  • 4-page PDF: Flowchart of Fourth Amendment Protections and Exceptions
  • Email: 7 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You
  • 4-page PDF: What to Expect When Visiting a Loved One in Jail



  • 25-page PDF: Tips and Suggestions for Surviving Your Divorce
  • 8-page PDF: 21 Initial Questions About Divorce
  • 5-page PDF: Reducing the Chaos Created by a Divorce
  • 1-page PDF: FAQs About Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
  • 7-page PDF: Telling Your Children, with Parenting Guidelines
  • 1-page PDF: FAQs About Attorneys’ Fees 



  • 14-page PDF: FAQs About Personal Injury Claims
  • 4-page PDF: Personal Injury Case Flowchart
  • Email: Writing a Winning Demand Letter
  • 4-page PDF: What Adjusters Look for in Medical Records
  • Email: Common Insurance Adjuster Ploys
  • 6-page PDF: Personal Injury Financial FAQs


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