The most common reason that marketing at small law firms gets short-changed is lack of time.

Plans get made, but then client demands interfere and marketing projects get postponed … sometimes indefinitely. The resulting slowdown does not occur immediately, but it does arrive. Even with immediate remedial action, leads take weeks to months before flowing again.

Start-and-stop marketing is not a path to growth.

Smart delegation

The better approach … one that will result in steady revenue growth … is to supplement your at-times-uneven in-house efforts with marketing work performed regularly by outside experts. It is the rare law firm that has the time or the expertise to intelligently execute a winning combination of today’s highly-effective online marketing techniques:


  • Pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook
  • Local and organic optimization, both on-page and off-page
  • Content-based, lead-nurturing drip series
  • Regular solicitation of online reviews
  • Addition of proven conversion devices to website pages


If you want to ensure that regular and effective marketing efforts are being made, monitored, and steadily improved, consider employing James Attorney Marketing’s attorney-marketing team.

Our area of expertise

Generating more leads and clients for small law firms is what our 15 online legal marketers do every day. We have teams focused 100% on creating and fine-tuning varied campaigns that generate quality leads and good clients for small firms in every major specialty in most legal markets.

If you would like to supplement or expand your marketing efforts, or simply want to learn more about techniques that will increase your lead and client flow, schedule a 15 or 30-minute appointment with one of our Digital Success Managers. They will walk you through the possibilities.