With an average return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing is a necessity for law firms of all sizes in today’s digital marketing landscape. Therefore, in part 1 of this how-to manual, we set the stage for producing a email drip campaign —an automated series of messages—from scratch.

(If you have not yet read the first part of the Email Drip Campaign guide, you can find it here on our attorney marketing blog.)

We laid the foundation for a successful email marketing strategy, detailing the anatomy of a well-written email and explaining how to diagram your first email drip campaign. The second part of this guide picks up where the first left off: at the writing stage, where you craft the messages that will go out to leads (note that this guide starts at step 6, as part one of the guide covers steps 1 through 5).

In this how-to handbook, we will cover exactly how to write attorney marketing emails that make recipients want to open and read, as well as how to nurture those essential relationships down the funnel into becoming clients.

As mentioned in part 1 of this guide, we will explore writing a five-message New Lead Nurturing email drip campaign designed for first-time prospects who download a piece of content, such as a personal injury e-book about car accident injuries. The diagram for our e-book nurturing campaign is as follows:
email drip campaign
In the subsequent material, we will explain how to write each email in the series outlined above. By the end of How to Craft a Email Drip Campaign from Scratch in a Day: Part 2, you should be able to develop your own email in just a few hours.

Disclaimer: All emails should comply with CAN-SPAM laws such as enabling recipients to unsubscribe at any point. Be sure to review all regulations prior to developing and launching any email campaign to ensure compliance.

Step 6a: Write Email #1

Topic: Content Delivery and Thank You

Timing: Within 5 minutes of the prospect’s opt-in

Because this email series is triggered by downloading a personal injury e-book about car accidents, the first email delivers the e-book along with an introductory message from your law firm. This may be the first touchpoint between you and your potential client, so put your best foot forward: deliver their content within minutes of your lead providing their email address.

According to Harvard Business Review, law firms that contact leads within an hour of receiving leads’ information are nearly 7 times as likely to qualify them as law firms that wait. In fact, these responsive legal practices have a 60x better chance at qualifying leads than legal practices that wait for 24 hours. Don’t delay; ensure that the content delivery email reaches your recipient as soon as possible.

Thank them for their interest and then use this first email opportunity to position your law firm as the premier informational resource for the recipient’s problem—in this case, a car accident that resulted in injuries. At this point in the sales funnel they may not be ready to commit to signing a retainer agreement, but they probably have questions.
Offering the opportunity to speak to one of your staff and get those questions answered immediately is a great way to both demonstrate value to your email recipient and convert them from just another contact to a very warm lead. Your Content Delivery and Thank You email could look like this:

Subject Line: Your e-book: 10 Common Questions About Auto Accidents 

Thank you for your interest in Law Firm’s guide, 10 Common Questions About Auto Accidents! Please click here to instantly download your free e-book (PDF). We hope that you find it helpful.
If you have questions about the guide or are injured and wondering whether you are entitled to receive compensation, speak to our experienced team now at 888-888-8888.
Or, click on the button below to schedule a free initial consultation.

We look forward to assisting you very soon.

Client Service Specialist
Law Firm

Footer with contact information

Note: If a recipient clicks through and schedules a consultation, remove them from the email drip campaign and focus instead of getting them on the phone to qualify and convert. This applies to every stage of the sequence.

Step 6b: Write Email #2

Topic: Next Steps and Questions

Timing: 1 day after opt-in

If your lead either calls your law firm or clicks through to your website to schedule an online consultation after the first email, that is fantastic. Have a team member qualify them to judge their promise as a potential client and then remove them from the email drip campaign (you can shuttle them off to another campaign depending on where the qualification conversation goes).

However, in most cases, leads need to be contacted more than once in order to prompt action. Perhaps they aren’t ready to make the leap, are simply busy and they didn’t read your personal injury e-book, or they scanned through and then got distracted before reaching out to your law firm. (Tip: If you’re having trouble with leads going cold after your first interaction, download our free booklet, “Solutions to Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Problems.”) 

The purpose of the second email in this drip campaign is to keep your legal practice top of mind until they do decide to move forward. When that occurs, your law firm is ideally positioned to jump on the opportunity and gain the contact’s business.

Therefore, this second email should be delivered approximately one day after the prospect downloads the personal injury e-book. While you do not want to hassle contacts, a follow-up email within 24 hours ensures that you reach them again during this golden period of interest, when their problem is still fresh.
Reach out and ask how you can be of service. Consider:

  • How can you add value?
  • What do they need? What negative emotions are they struggling with and how can you address them?
  • What kinds of questions can you proactively answer?

Some attorneys might want to push for a consultation or send over a list of 10 reasons why their law firm is better than the competition, but very few prospects will respond positively to these types of aggressive marketing tactics. At this stage, it is much more beneficial to build trust by focusing on recipients and their needs instead of you and your legal practice.

Additionally, use this message to ease their worries or assumptions—briefly explain the next one to two steps so recipients know what to expect when reaching out to your law firm. For example, review this Next Steps and Questions sample email:

Subject Line: Get your personal injury questions answered.    


Yesterday you received our e-book, 10 Common Questions About Auto Accidents. Now that you have had a chance to read through, do you have any questions that we can answer?

Our personal injury team is available now at 888-888-888. In this initial consultation, we will answer your most pressing questions about car accident injuries, and determine whether you may be entitled to fair compensation from a negligent party.

We can also walk you through what NOT to do to avoid sabotaging your potential personal injury case.

Call Us Now: 888-888-8888

Client Service Specialist
Law Firm

Footer with contact information

Step 6c: Write Email #3

Topic: Testimonial/Social Proof

Timing: 7 days after opt-in

Email #3 in the new lead nurturing series utilizes social proof—in this case, the approval and recommendations of previous clients—to strengthen your brand, build trust, and convince prospects to give your law firm a chance.

According to BrightLocal’s Consumer Review Survey:

  • 83% of people trust online recommendations as much as those from family and friends
  • More than 70% of prospective clients report that positive reviews increase their trust in a local law firm

These external findings align with our own experience at James Attorney Marketing; our Online Reputation Management (ORM) software has helped attorneys build a stash of positive online reviews that significantly increased their caseload. Loren Etengoff, a Washington-based personal injury lawyer, has more than doubled his caseload. 9 out of every 10 new clients say that they reached out to his personal injury practice after seeing the positive online reviews generated by the James ORM tool.

Social proof undoubtedly pushes prospects further along the sales pipeline and closer to contacting your law firm… without having to “hard sell” them on the idea. In email #3, leverage the power of social proof by training the spotlight on some of your most powerful testimonials. For instance:

Subject Line: “I received $10k in injury compensation.” Words from Law Firm’s clients. 



If you were injured in a car accident, the person responsible should be held accountable. However, we know firsthand that receiving fair compensation is easier said than done, and it can be a scary, stressful, and frustrating process.

That is why we do what we do. At Law Firm, our priority is easing your fears and stresses while handling all legal necessities on your behalf, so you can focus on getting well. The greatest reward is hearing what our clients—like Bob and Maura, below—say about us:

I consider myself lucky to have found Law Firm after being struck by a car while jogging. They were professional, communicative, and helpful through every step of the process. Because of them, I was able to receive the compensation I deserved.”
—Bob, Law Firm client

“Law Firm was a godsend. After I hurt my back in a car accident, I didn’t know where to turn. I called Law Firm and they handled everything! I ended up receiving $10,000 in compensation for my injury and I can’t thank Law Firm enough!”
—Maura, Law Firm client

Call us today to find out if we can help you receive compensation like we assisted Bob and Maura.

Get A Free Case Evaluation: 888-888-8888

Client Service Specialist
Law Firm

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Step 6d: Write Email #4

Topic: Limited Time Content Offer

Timing: 13 days after opt-in

By this point, your new lead has received: a piece of valuable content from you (a personal injury e-book about common questions after a car accident), received a follow-up email that offered a risk-free legal consultation and the opportunity to ask pressing questions, and finally, proof from past clients about your law firm’s reputability and standards of service.

Ideally, they are warming up to the possibility of working with your attorney team to pursue their personal injury case and need yet another small nudge to keep the momentum going. Other possibilities at this stage in your email drip campaign include: the recipient has not opened any of your messages thus far, or they have opened one or two but haven’t clicked through to call or visit your landing page (a page on your law firm website dedicated to a specific objective, such as convincing a prospect to call for a consultation).

A limited time content offer addresses both possibilities by injecting a sense of urgency and scarcity. Extend a high-value piece of content that they will not be able to resist—a 100-page personal injury handbook that is only available for the following 24 hours, for instance. Experian found that when compared to typical emails without urgency, emails that conveyed a sense of urgency achieved:

  • 14% greater open rates
  • Nearly 60% higher click through rates
  • 2x the number of conversions

Just be sure to mention this urgent, valuable deal in the email subject line. An “urgency and scarcity” email could read like this:

Subject Line: 100-page personal injury book—free for 24 hours only! 



If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you probably wished for a manual that walked you through what to do afterward. Good news—our 100-page e-book does just that.

It is called “I Was Injured In An Accident. What Do I Do Now?” and it’s FREE to download—but only for the next 24 hours.

Don’t miss out on your complimentary copy! Click the image or button below to download it now.

Then, call our experienced personal injury team at 888-888-8888 to discuss your accident and find out whether you are entitled compensation for injuries.

Client Service Specialist
Law Firm

Footer with contact information

Step 6e: Write Email #5

Topic: Testimonial/Social Proof

Timing: 19 days after opt-in

The final email in this nurturing campaign, email #5 provides more social proof to continue to build trust. Make sure that this email is different from email #3 and don’t be afraid to get creative.

For instance, embed a testimonial video created by your law firm. Prospects love video content—in fact video is so appealing that it is set to make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.
A social proof email containing a testimonial video could look something like this:

Subject Line: “I received the money I deserved after my car accident.”    



You are busy so this will just take a minute. We wanted to share what a few of our clients have said about working with Law Firm after being injured in car accidents.

(If you can’t view the video below, please watch it here.)

Law Firm’s mission is to treat every injury victim with respect and assist them in receiving the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been hurt, let us help you.

Call us for your free initial consultation today: 888-888-8888.

Client Service Specialist
Law Firm

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If your contact doesn’t open any of the 5 emails in the series, they should be shunted off to a different email drip campaign, such as a reengagement campaign focused on recapturing the lead’s attention.

At James Attorney Marketing, we recommend the first email of that campaign to be a simple one that asks: “Do you still need ?” Get right to the point, provide your contact information, and see if you receive a response. This straightforward strategy works!

Step 7: Finalize Subject Lines and Review Email Drip Campaign

After drafting your entire campaign in its entirety, it is time to polish your work starting with the message subject lines. As mentioned in part one of this guide, subject lines significantly affect open rates; with poor subject lines, your messages do not have a great chance of reaching readers, much less converting them into clients.
Go back through at the end of the writing phase and pay particular attention to this element within each of your five messages.

  • Do you accurately describe what is inside each message?
  • Can you be more concise to appeal to smartphone users, who will only see the first 40 or so characters?
  • Do your subject lines demonstrate value (i.e., do they give the reader a reason to stop and open your email?)?

Tinker with these short phrases until they are the best you can possibly make them, and then go back through your entire campaign to ensure that it flows smoothly from start to finish. If possible, ask a colleague to review the drip sequence as well.

Step 8: Position Your Email Drip Campaign for Success  

At this point, you should be finished writing your first email drip campaign. This is a milestone accomplishment on the journey toward building a strong email marketing strategy that nurtures leads into clients.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that while great writing is obviously an important part of a successful attorney email drip campaign, it cannot buoy an email sequence alone. Even the most carefully crafted email messages won’t result in a greater number of the right clients without a few essential components in place.

For instance, if your email list is very small or stale, you won’t reach enough of the right people. If your landing pages are poorly designed, website visitors won’t convert into callers. If your support staff doesn’t answer the phone promptly or provide excellent service that builds trust with callers, leads won’t convert into clients.

In other words: email marketing should be one part of a comprehensive attorney marketing strategy, and writing highly-converting emails based on the guidelines outlined above should be just a single element of your comprehensive email marketing strategy.

Tip: Learn more about creating fantastic content in our attorney marketing guide here, and dive into 9 ways that lawyers can gather and convert more leads here.

If your law firm doesn’t have the time or resources to develop a multi-faceted law firm marketing strategy, try the James Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. A tool developed specifically for attorneys, the James CRM combines all elements of an ideal law firm marketing package:

  • Specialized content that is specialty-specific and branded with your law firm’s name and logo (including a 100-page book to help your legal practice stand out from the crowd when contacting prospective clients)
  • Mechanized review solicitation to cache positive online reviews
  • Automated prospect follow-up via education email drip campaign (the James Legal CRM also reminds you of important follow-up tasks)
  • Simple call tracking to assess how well your support staff is managing incoming prospect calls
  • Detailed reports that showcase your return on investment (ROI) and pinpoint areas for improvement

Even with all of these powerful features, your real cost for using the James Legal CRM will most likely be negligible, due to your law firm’s savings and increased revenue.