We will create a personalized marketing plan showing how you can generate more leads while staying within your budget

Your roadmap to more leads will be tailored to your law firm’s specialty, geographic region, current efforts and results, and marketing budget.

This custom-drafted plan will list specific to-do’s in the order they should be implemented, and will detail their expected cost and impact. It will also include analytical reports showing:

  1. Citation audit (the single biggest local ranking factor)
  • Which of your directory profiles contain errors?
  • What are those errors?
  • Number of citations, where located, and their value
  1. Online reviews
  • Overall star ranking
  • Where your reviews appear
  • Star ranking by review site
  1. Google position for local and organic searches
  • For what keywords do you appear in Google’s 3-pack?
  • How do you rank for dozens of keywords – organically, locally, and for mobile searches?
  • How do your rankings compare to your competitors … keyword by keyword?

Your Participation is Required

Because this lead-boosting roadmap is tailored to your law firm, it requires a 15-minute discovery call before we draft it.

We need to learn about your current marketing efforts, the lead flow being generated, how much you are spending on marketing, the characteristics of your preferred clients, and any other background information you want to share.

Minimum Budget

If you are not spending at least $10,000/year on marketing, the impact we can have is not large enough to justify the extensive time required to create your plan.

The bigger your spend, the bigger impact we can have. Most every law firm we have worked with is making mistakes in their marketing and wasting dollars, so your plan will include the fixes we suggest.

Using Your Plan

You will receive a written plan for how we recommend your law firm increase its lead flow.

You can execute this plan yourself, give it to your current marketing agency, engage us for implementation, or divvy up the tasks as you determine best. You need not use us for the fixes, enhancements, and expansions that we recommend.