If your site is like that of most law firms, only 2% of your visitors provide their contact information. The percentage will be even lower for websites that talk about you instead of addressing your prospective clients’ problems.

Your website should be focused 80% on moving prospects along the engagement funnel and 20% on explaining what your firm does and who does it. Instead, most firms are 80% what and who, and 20% engaging. Below are 8 ways to remedy that imbalance without redoing your whole site. 


  1. Create lead magnets. The call-to-action on your automated webinar will pull better if a lead magnet is offered. And so will every other request for contact information on your site. The best lead magnets for lawyers are books, but booklets and FAQs will also work. 
  2. Add exit pop-up. When a visitor clicks to exit, have a pop-up appear that offers one of the lead magnets explained above in #1. A meaningful percentage of visitors who would have departed without a trace will now provide contact information. 
  3. Add live chat. Using an outside service, in the lower right-hand corner of your website place an unobtrusive live chat box. The 24/7 monitoring and ease of use will engage more visitors.
  4. Add automated webinar(s). Record an educational video. This is not the typical talking-head lawyer video. Instead, it should combine your voice with explanatory text boards, but you can also obtain a professional voice-over for less than $100. Finish with a call-to-action requesting contact information.
  5. Limit fields on your opt-in form. If you have a client intake person or team that is good with follow-up, trim the number of fields to three: name, email, and phone number. Alternatively, divide completion between two pages, with only name and email on the first page of the opt-in form.
  6. Feature your phone number. Move the firm’s 800 number to the upper right-hand corner of the home page. Use large type and a contrasting color.
  7. Add a pricing page. Cost is a big concern for nearly every prospective client, yet the number of lawyer websites which have a price page is miniscule. Be different! If you can’t be specific, provide a typical range of costs for commonly-encountered situations. This page will quickly become one of the most popular ones on your site.
  8. Add a USP page. Take the “I’m different” approach one step further. Write a page explaining how you differ from your competition. Back up your claims with details and examples. No matter what the profession or service, prospects want to know “why should I hire you?”

Free Advice Book


Want more suggestions like these? We have a free 9-page booklet that offers 32 solutions to the following law firm digital marketing problems:

I. Your Website


  1. Problem: Few visitors to your website give you their contact information.
  2. Problem: The visitors to your website quickly leave.
  3. Problem: Your website receives few visitors.


II. Leads


  1. Problem: Your leads are low quality.
  2. Problem: Not enough leads set appointments.
  3. Problem: You need more leads.


III. Referrals


  1. Problem: You receive few referrals from past clients.