Fence sitters are prospects who call and don’t set an appointment, or who come in for an appointment and don’t sign your retainer agreement. Maybe they need to consult with their spouse, a parent, or other advisor. Or they want to first try to handle the matter themselves. Or worst case, they are shopping around and talking to other lawyers.

Following up

Instead of merely sending them your non-representation letter and stopping there, you need to stay in close touch with these solid prospects. The most efficient way to remain top of mind, and to set yourself apart from the competitors these prospects may be speaking with, is to provide high-quality educational materials that answer their questions.

Follow-up phone calls should also be made, but only after you have demonstrated your expertise and your interest in helping by providing on-target resources that address common questions and pain points.  Some examples are:

Automate your follow-up

You can easily automate the sending of these materials by using an auto-responder like MailChimp or Aweber. High-value prospects should receive print versions by postal mail. However sent, the materials should include a short cover letter expressing your interest in helping solve the prospect’s problem.

A more sophisticated and custom-tailored follow-up approach will use a CRM like InfusionSoft, for which you have to write your own content, or James’ Legal Content CRM, which comes preloaded with a 100-250 page book and multiple collections of lengthy follow-up series.

Even if you hand-send your follow-up effort by hand, what is important is staying in touch in a fashion that makes you stand out. Even if the prospect is not actively shopping, he or she will be seeing ads and market outreach from other lawyers.

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