With most things in law and in life, the most difficult tasks are often the most valuable, while the easiest pack the smallest punch. When it comes to attorney marketing, though, there is a sweet spot between the two extremes—legal conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies that are both powerful and relatively easy.

We’ve included a few of these ideal tactics below, based on the findings from Ascend 2 and Research Partners’ 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization Survey, so your law firm can transform more contacts into prospects and clients without breaking a sweat.


1. A/B testing


Both the most effective and least difficult tactic, A/B split testing is a must-do attorney CRO tactic for all legal practices looking to improve their attorney marketing. If you’re unfamiliar, A/B testing involves changing one element of your website—say, the headline of a landing page that prompts visitors to download a free guide about Chapter 13 bankruptcy—in order to determine which changes result in greater conversion.

54% of respondents in Ascend2’s survey rated this as their most effective CRO tactic, and it’s no wonder—even altering something as simple as the size or color of a call to action button can have a huge impact on the number of people who convert from website visitors into prospects. For instance, one tech website found that replacing plain link texts with “download now” buttons decreased their conversion rate from 6%-80%, since their audience tended to mistrust big, colorful call to action buttons.

The lesson here for your law firm: don’t just sit back and relax after you’ve designed your attorney website and rolled out landing pages with tempting offers. Always strive to improve the way in which you communicate with your audience to not only better serve them, but also to continuously pump new business into the funnel.

Tip: New to split testing? Learn how to run an A/B test on your attorney website here

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2. Responsive design


Responsive design was rated the third most effective CRO technique and the second easiest by survey respondents, making it one of the most optimal strategies behind A/B split testing. This tactic focuses on optimizing sites to address each user’s specific needs, such as accommodating images and layouts for someone browsing from a mobile device versus a laptop. Today, with people spending 71% of their online time browsing from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, responsive design is incredibly necessary for law firms of all sizes.

If your legal practice needs to improve the user experience of your attorney website and online content, reach out to James Attorney Marketing & Client Tech for a sophisticated, responsive, and affordable new legal website.


3. Event-triggered email

Sending the same email campaigns to your entire recipient list obviously doesn’t make sense—prospects who are debating whether to consult your law firm aren’t going to respond well to thank you emails aimed at past clients, for instance. Event-triggered emailing resolves this issue by automatically sending recipients targeted messages based on their behavior.

The James Legal CRM, for example, enables you to create a new prospect campaign that includes a welcome email, followed by a message containing an offer to access an educational piece of content such as a booklet about family law. If the recipient doesn’t open either email, they could be routed to a different campaign that includes a short quiz about divorce and family law, followed by a “welcome back” email geared toward cold contacts should they fail to open the third email as well.

This type of system ensures that each recipient receives messages that are relevant to them without your team having to spend time and money manually managing the process. And what do the experts say about event-triggered email? In Ascend2’s study, 33% of marketers believed this to be their most effective tactic and only 22% of people believed it to be their most difficult strategy. With that kind of support in the marketing world, law firms would be remiss to not try it.


4. Content personalization


Similar to event-triggered email, the aim of content personalization is to connect your prospects with material that is relevant and valuable to them, thereby increasing the odds that they will engage with your law firm and become clients. Although personalization is among the most difficult attorney CRO tactics to implement, it is also the second most effective strategy.

Make your life easier with a tool like the James Legal CRM, which comes loaded with branded and specialty-specific 100-page books to educate prospects in the information-gathering stage, extensive FAQ guides for on-the-fence contacts, and more. You’ll have access to the entire library of content so your law firm can send high-quality content anytime without dedicating hours and thousands of dollars to content development.

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