Have you recently read your online reviews? Do you know what prospects are reading when they are deciding whether or not to call your office?

It is a good idea to periodically examine your review collection. It only takes one bad review, or a couple lukewarm reviews to send prospects to your competitors.

If you have any bad or weak reviews, the best strategy is to bury them underneath positive review after positive review.

Your Star Rating

Google will display your star rating in 3-pack search results (used for local searches) once you have 3 reviews in Google+.

You will want a 4.8-star or higher rating to show up when you appear in Google’s 3-pack. Until you have ten 5.0 star ratings, Google will not display a 5.0 rating.

Free Report

We can show you all your online reviews.

If any of your reviews are unfavorable, or you are not displaying a high star rating in Google’s 3-pack, or perhaps worse, if you have no online reviews and thus have no star rating, you may want to consider building up your collection of positive reviews.

We can explain how to do that when we provide your report. Or you can simply request a free report and skip the recommendation.

Some work is required to prepare your report, so please allow one business day for its creation.