It is extremely difficult for the average consumer to distinguish among lawyers.
Yes, you know which of your competitors do a good job for their clients. But when you are shopping for a surgeon, for example, can you pick out the one who should operate on you by looking at a website, advertisement, or flyer? Probably not.

How to stand out

Let’s say you are trying to select among three promising surgeons. Maybe all come recommended. You contact their offices.

The first office sends you an advertising brochure with the surgeon’s biography. The second office sends you nothing. But the third office gives you a book from the surgeon, a lengthy list of FAQs with detailed answers, and a booklet on the procedure you are considering. And the helpful educational pieces continue flowing while you make up your mind.

Now you have something tangible on which to base your decision. Not a brochure saying “I care” and listing which schools the surgeon attended. And the material you received has answered most of your questions in far more detail than most busy surgeons provide beforehand.
Which surgeon has earned your trust?


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We have large content collections

Our collections are specialty-specific, come branded with your name, photo, and bio, and are pre-loaded in our versatile and intuitive marketing automation software.
Most important, the quality is unrivaled. After 35 years of publishing law books, we have learned how to clearly convey helpful legal information. You receive:


  • A 100-250 page book
  • Extensive and detailed FAQs
  • Colorful booklets
  • Procedure flow charts
  • Flow charts
  • Checklists
  • Plain-text cover emails


You can view our collections, including how they are provided to your prospects, by clicking any of the specialties below:



Content and advice included

When you become a James client, whether for our content-heavy CRM, website optimization, cloud migration, or IT support, or we provide at no extra charge:

— Personalized marketing advice
— Strategic technology recommendations
— Ereader law books for your library
— And content for your prospects

Our complete content collections are reserved for licensees of the James Content CRM, but we will provide several quality pieces to subscribers to our other services.

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