3 out of 4 lawyers we hear from want more leads. The fourth wants to convert a higher percentage of leads.

If you fall into either camp, here are 9 proven techniques for obtaining and converting more leads:




  1. Offer multiple lead magnets. Create answer booklets that address legal issues faced by your ideal prospects. Require contact information and ask a qualifying question or two before providing the booklet. Reach out to the responders and ask if they need your help.
  2. Creatively use Facebook ads. The targeting available in Facebook is unsurpassed, and ad prices are still reasonable. Offer your answer booklets with the ads. Continually experiment with the ad copy and their corresponding landing pages.
  3. Micro-target niches. Your prospects come in many categories with a variety of legal issues. Write web pages and answer booklets directed at as many as possible. These micro-niche pages are more likely to rank, and will speak directly to prospects in a way that your competition does not.
  4. Build cross-referral groups. Send referral proposal letters to professionals and vendors who work with your prospects. Don’t limit to yourself to a straight one-for-one partnership. Create groups having several members providing varied services.
  5. Use a variety of pop-ups. Bars across the top of your site, slide-in across the bottom, delayed pop-ups in the middle, and offers upon exit can present a variety of helpful information in exchange for contact information.


Dozens of additional lead-generation techniques used by lawyers in a variety of specialties can be found in these 70 marketing case studies.

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  1. Revive old leads. We strongly recommend that you email a simple and straightforward question to previously non-responsive prospects: “Do you still need …
  •   assistance with filing bankruptcy?
  •   legal counsel for your DUI?
  •   guidance through the divorce process?
  •   help obtaining compensation for your injury?
  •   to appeal a Social Security disability benefits denial?

Say nothing else; just finish with your name and contact information. This technique works. Try it.

  1. Send a book to your new leads. Nothing impresses prospects like a book. A quality book will set you apart from the competition, show you are ready to help, and build trust. If you don’t have time to write a book, we can create one for you.
  2. Call your new leads repeatedly. Too many law firms fall down here. Call, call, call until you have an appointment set or have learned the lead is unqualified. The first law firm to obtain an appointment has the best shot at landing a new client.
  3. Educate your non-responsive new leads. Most responders to your lead magnet offers (see #s 1 and 2 above) are not ready to immediately sign up with you. But many of them will be ready over the next several months, especially if you educate them with nurturing emails and articles about the pitfalls of ignoring their legal problem or going it alone.

We can explain any of these techniques in more detail, or implement techniques that will improve your lead flow and conversion. Click below for assistance.