Changes in search engine marketing have created ranking opportunities for astute and action-oriented law firms.

Here are 6 trends and how to take advantage of them. 

  1. 55% of searchers can’t distinguish between a paid and an unpaid Google listing. This seems hard to believe, until you review this chart showing how much more similar ads are to organic listings now compared to 2007. This statistic also explains why organic search visits declined 11% in 2017.

If you don’t appear organically on Google page one for critical keywords, now is the time to experiment with pay-per-click ads. If its past changes are indicative, Google will only continue to drive more clicks to paid ads and away from unpaid listings. 

  1. 75% of internet use is from smartphones and tablets. Have you examined how your website looks on a phone? A tablet? Do your phone number, lead magnet offer, and free consultation form appear as you want them presented? Is your load speed satisfactory? Does Analytics show that 75% of your responses come from mobile devices? If not, it is time to investigate why and fix the issues. 
  1. Google’s “near me” searches doubled in the last year. These occur when searchers add ‘near me’, ‘nearby’, or ‘nearest’ in their queries. To get your share of these searches, create lots of local business listings, build substantial collections of online reviews, analyze your local rankings and what is holding you back, and add ‘near me’ copy to your web pages. 
  1. Pages with images outrank pages without. Adding a single image to each of your web pages will improve their Google page position. Using more than one image per page will not further enhance the page’s ranking. 
  1. The average first-page result on Google contains 1,890 words. Longer content ranks better. Quality backlinks remain the most important ranking factor, but lengthy content, site load speed, page images, and low bounce rate also make a difference.
  1. Voice searches are currently 40% of all searches. As voice devices proliferate (Google Home, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Assistant, iPhone Siri, Android, Microsoft Cortana), voice search volume will continue to explode.

Voice searches are longer and more precise than typed searches, which makes long-tail keywords more important. Hopefully you have been pursuing long keyword phrases for the last couple of years. If not, definitely start now. And focus on the phrases people use when verbally asking a question. This is one more reason to create FAQ pages.

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