Of the many online marketing options that law firms have, email is by far the most effective and controllable way to reach prospective clients:

  • Email’s average open rate of 22% dwarfs Facebook’s 6% and Twitter’s 2%
  • You can easily track open, click-through, and conversion rates
  • Email is unaffected by Google’s algorithm changes
  • It is cheap; depending on volume you can pay less than $.01 per email
  • You can include a call to action without alienating recipients
  • Email lets you push engaging content out instead of waiting for website and ad readers to come to you
  • It is effective; every study gives email the highest ROI of all online options

Commonly-Overlooked Email Techniques that Work

If you do not have a robust email effort, you have a large hole in your firm’s marketing program. If you do have an email marketing channel, its value to your law firm will increase if you add these elements:

1. Solicit reviews. Send at least two spaced emails (and texts when permitted) to past and current clients asking them to write an online review. Positive reviews generate calls.

2. Use appointment reminders. No-shows will materially decline if you send appointment reminders by email and text a couple days before and the morning of the appointment.

3. Automate your prospect series. Whether you use an auto-responder or CRM software, creating and automating an educational drip series will quickly pay for itself in higher conversion rates, smarter clients, and less time providing the same basic information over and over.

4. Build a sales funnel. Why should your office spend time on the phone with unqualified prospects? Create an educational sales funnel that explains how you help and how much it costs so those who do contact you can use and pay for your services.

5. Track your falloff. If you link your sales funnel to a dashboard, you will be able to see where and how severe the dropoff is at each stage. You will then be able to intelligently tweak your emails and sales funnel to reduce attrition. For example, if when you quote price you lose many prospects, consider offering the low-budget prospects a less expensive alternative with fewer frills.

And your emails should follow these guidelines:

— Teach and help; don’t sell. Every piece you send a prospect should be designed to assist the reader. Answer common questions. Explain mistakes to avoid. Share your wisdom. Show the reader you care about his or her plight.

— Use compelling language. Your prospects frequently face consequences if they don’t act. Whether those consequences come from unpaid bills, aggressive prosecutor, departing spouse, litigious partner, or hard-nosed insurer, detail the perils of not acting.

— Be personal. Use your name as the from address. Be friendly and genuine. Pretend you are writing to one person you care about.

— Vary your approach. Make some pieces long and others short. Have some graphically designed and others plain text. Link several emails to supportive videos, infographics, or slide shares.

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Our Approach to Lawyer Email Marketing

We believe that exceeding prospect expectations is the best way for our lawyer-customers’ campaigns to stand apart from their competition:

— We have created meaty and extensive drip series. Our specialty-specific series begin with a branded 100-300 page book, include detailed and numerous FAQs, mix in short and targeted plain-text letters, and offer several designed and colorful PDFs. All our pieces teach rather than sell.

— We track results on a visual dashboard. We build a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and colorful online dashboard so our lawyer-customers can see exactly what path their prospects followed before they called or submitted a reply form.

— We install sophisticated review-generation and screening software. Automating review solicitation has three big benefits:

  1. The solicitation letters regularly go out, no matter how busy your staff gets
  2. Your clients need have no technical knowledge to create and post a review
  3. You can screen out weak reviews BEFORE they are posted

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