There are a lot of misconceptions and fears out there about attorney marketing automation. As a legal marketing company that has helped dozens of law firms and attorneys since 1981, we consider it our duty and privilege to correct these rumors that could prevent you from implementing cost-effective and time-efficient tools in your law practice.

Below, we have debunked 5 myths about legal marketing automation that we commonly hear from attorneys. Read on to discover what you really need to know about legal CRMs, and how marketing automation can increase lead generation, improve client conversion rates, and save your law firm money at the same time.

Fear #1: It’s too difficult to set up and learn the system
Installing marketing automation software can sound like a long, intimidating process. Attorneys worry about integrating the new program with existing programs, or switching over to a new system and ruining the productivity of their teams.

The Reality:
In reality, problems typically only occur when the marketing team botches the setup and/or rushes through training. A successful CRM installation requires significant attention from a dedicated marketing partner.

For instance, when the James Attorney team installs a James Legal CRM, we provide ongoing training, explain all features of the program and personalize them as necessary, and add customized content based on clients’ needs. This attention prevents issues and ensures that a law firm can get the most out of their new CRM.

Fear #2: The CRM won’t be effective
What if the CRM doesn’t improve our conversion rate? Will it successfully simplify our sales funnel? Will our potential clients really experience a more customized experience?

These are the types of questions and concerns that most attorneys have when considering the addition of a CRM into their law firm’s marketing. After all, if the marketing automation software isn’t effective, then it is just a waste of time and money.

The Reality:
When a CRM doesn’t produce ideal results, it is usually because the law firm does not build up a larger marketing system and strategy to support the CRM. For instance, they:

  • Do not build an effective funnel to gather new leads and drive website traffic
  • Create poor landing pages that do not successfully convert prospects
  • Do not spend enough time developing content, such as email messages, that appeals to their audience
  • Fail to develop client personas that help them understand their prospects’ challenges, desires, and best mediums of communication

Essentially, a legal CRM can help law firms improve and simplify their marketing performance, but only if they work to establish a solid foundation first and stay committed to developing a sales funnel and lead generation system to support it… or work with a legal marketing company to build an automate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

For example, the James Legal CRM:

  • Automates prospect follow-up and review gathering
  • Provides a single dashboard to monitor marketing efforts and telephone follow-up
  • Sends customized content to prospects
  • Integrates Google apps for streamlined collaboration and communication
  • Includes a free business process analysis

This all-inclusive system helped Phoenix criminal defense attorney Howard Snader increase from 18-25 prospect inquires per month to more than 200 calls per month.

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Fear #3: Marketing automation software is too expensive
Good CRMs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. For some law firms, it is difficult to justify this cost, especially on a limited attorney marketing budget.

The Reality:
Installing a CRM is an investment in your company, just like running television advertisements or developing a user-friendly legal website. This does require some expenses on the front end, but they often result in a greater payoff down the line.

Clients that implement the James Legal CRM, for example, usually find that their real cost is $0. How? Increased revenue from a greater caseload, as well as savings obtained by:

  • Installing telephone software and eliminating your telephone bill
  • Terminating or reducing unproductive marketing efforts
  • Eliminating unnecessary software and services

Using this system, James Attorney Marketing saved Orange County probate attorney Phil Lemmons more than $14,000 per month in unproductive marketing spend.

Fear #4: Automation only makes email easier
Marketing CRMs are just glorified email marketing tools—at least, that’s what some law firms believe. They make email communication easier and more consistent, but that’s it, right?

The Reality:
Automating your law firm’s marketing is about more than just making email easier. Marketing automation using a CRM involves:

  • Tracking performance data to ensure that your attorney marketing is on the right track
  • Crafting email drip campaigns that automatically go out to leads
  • Making and featuring lead magnets to generate new leads
  • Automatically gathering positive online reviews to improve your reputation
  • Monitoring the sales funnel
  • Ensuring prospect/lead follow-up
  • Customizing web intake forms
  • And more

Overall, marketing automation is about enhancing your business processes and improving your conversion rates across a variety of mediums, not just improving email management.

Fear #5: Marketing automation can compromise the security of sensitive information
A CRM holds client and prospect information such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, calendar appointments, and more. Attorneys can be loath to store too much of this data online and within CRM systems, especially with cyber attacks on the rise.

The Reality:
Using a server locked in your law firm’s closet can actually be less secure than options offered by the legal marketing company supporting the CRM. James Attorney Marketing, for instance, is experienced in migrating law firms from their personal servers to cloud technology, and introducing Google’s suite of apps for secure collaboration.

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