Every day, people from around the world watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos, according to statistics provided by the site. This figure alone demonstrates the marketing power of YouTube videos for your law firm, but also illuminates an inherent problem: how do you keep viewers’ attention when there are so many videos to watch?

Read on to discover four common YouTube no-no’s that will chase viewers from your attorney social media videos.

  1. Going without a script

Talking to a camera is very different than speaking to someone in person; charisma in real life doesn’t always translate on screen. To ensure that your presentation is smooth and your attorney social media videos understandable, write a script beforehand and practice it enough times to feel comfortable. You can memorize it if that makes you feel more confident in front of the camera, but avoid sounding rehearsed or robotic. It’s more important to sound natural than to stick rigidly to a script.

And don’t forget to use layman’s terms or define legal jargon when necessary—nothing will alienate viewers faster than hearing phrases they don’t understand.

One best practice: do a few practice runs and watch the video after each attempt. This way, you can observe exactly what an outside viewer would see and hear, and then make adjustments to the script and presentation as necessary.

  1. Adding unnecessary content

AdWeek claims that the most popular YouTube videos run just a few minutes in length. That’s not to say that your attorney social media videos can’t be longer but it is a good indication of viewers’ attention spans. Take a red pen to your script and cut out the extra fat.

Also consider breaking topics into separate videos or short series rather than overstuffing one. For example, a DUI defense firm could produce a general video about field sobriety tests (what they are, how reliable they are, etc.) and then also separate the topic into a three-part series about the three most commonly administered field sobriety tests: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, the walk-and-turn, and the one-leg stand.

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  1. Being like all other firms

What is the real reason that people should watch your video over others? Not differentiating yourself or your firm is a mistake that will lose viewers; after all, if there are a million others like your video, there’s no particular allure.

  1. Failing to promote the “subscribe” button

Don’t miss out on a perfect call to action opportunity! Mention your subscribe button within the first minute of your videos, perhaps right when you’re getting started since not all viewers will stay with you until the end, and then repeat this call to action at the end.

Also include your firm’s name, contact information, and hyperlinks to your attorney social media pages in the description box underneath all videos to cover all the bases.

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