Let’s say that someone offered you free advice about an intimidating legal matter hanging over your head. All you had to do was hop onto a live call for 30 minutes with an accomplished attorney—no cost, no commitment. Would you do it? Most people would respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Herein lies the power of webinars for your law firm. In this article you will discover four reasons that webinars should be in your law firm’s marketing plan, as well as best practices for ensuring that they are engaging and effective.

  1. One-on-one interaction

Consumers across all industries make purchasing decisions based on a combination of emotions and logic—it’s just human nature. Webinars provide the opportunity to convince potential clients that your firm is the best choice on both fronts, since you will be enabling one-on-one interactions that showcase your personality (emotional sell), as well as highlighting your expertise and providing valuable content (logical sell).

  1. Instant feedback and insights

Webinars are a great way to instantly receive feedback. For instance, you could quickly poll attendees about how they heard about the webinar to determine which of your law firm’s marketing avenues is most successful with reaching your key demographic(s)—social media, email, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or your law firm’s website.

You could also increase referrals and conversions by sending a quick survey right after the webinar (be sure to mention this to attendees during the presentation). Include questions like:

  • Their opinion of the webinar on a 1-10 scale
  • Areas of improvement for upcoming webinars
  • Additional questions, and topics they would like to learn more about (great information to have for future consultations and future blog topics)
  • Any contacts they know that might benefit from attending a webinar (for referrals)

At the end of the survey, it’s a good idea to include a thank you message, a call to action, and your firm’s contact information. For instance, “Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your time… that’s why we promise not to waste any of it. Our Law Firm ABC team is trained to provide brief, yet thorough, consultations for your legal needs. Call us today at (999) 999-9999, email us at contact@lawfirmabc.com, or find us on social media by clicking the icons below!”

  1. Low cost, high ROI

Compare the price of advertising space to the affordable (or free!) cost of webinar software… it’s a no-brainer. Both may have a place in your law firm’s marketing plan, but webinars are a much more cost-effective form of marketing that you can invest in more often than pricy online or print ads. And when done well, webinars can see an incredibly high ROI.

For instance, software company Buzzsumo reports a 20% conversion rate from webinar attendee to paying customer. While your figures may not be as high due to the difference in industry and business model, your law firm’s webinars could still experience a solid return on a small investment. 

  1. Increased value to clients and prospects, and seamless blog integration

Provide more value to your clients (past, current, and potential) and your firm becomes more valuable in their eyes. Through webinars, you can provide additional value that your competitors aren’t, ultimately differentiating your firm and increasing client loyalty.

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Webinars don’t require much more effort than you’re already putting into your law firm’s marketing. For example, a blog post or series about the ins and outs of qualifying for and pursuing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can easily be turned into a 30-minute webinar presentation by padding the existing material, simplifying key takeaways, inserting poll queries and engagement questions, and adding basic introduction and closing content.?

How to Create an Engaging Webinar

Here are three tips for making your webinars an engaging and effective law firm marketing tool.

Be organized and proactive
Slides that are out of order, broken image links, poor audio quality—these issues will lose attendees fast. Make sure that your slides are pristine and organized beforehand, and then test out the audio and visual quality.

Create a script but don’t be a robot
There’s nothing more disengaging than listening to someone read a script for an hour. Prepare a script so you can stay on track but don’t feel compelled to read it like a speech. Inject some personality into your presentation, speak naturally, and feel free to deviate from the pre-arranged text. Keep in mind that webinar attendees won’t be able to see your facial expressions, so your voice should be extra friendly, confident, and energetic in order to come off as likable and engaging.

Check in regularly with attendees
Host a poll or open the floor for questions at regular intervals throughout your presentation in order to check that attendees are listening and/or understanding your material. For instance, a bankruptcy law firm could host a webinar about chapter 7 bankruptcy and managing debt. One of the presenter’s questions could be a blind poll (no identities associated):

What’s your current FICO credit score?

  1. 700 +
  2. 650 – 699
  3. 600 – 649
  4. 300 – 599

The presenter could then launch into how debtors can improve their credit score after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy. This one poll question helps to transition into the topic, makes it relevant for the audience, and enables attendees to participate in the presentation.

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