Every year without fail, marketers release their opinions about the future of content marketing—what trends will influence the space, new tools at your disposal. You may have already heard a few of these predictions… but did any of them really tell you what your law firm should be doing in response?

In this article, you will not only uncover four attorney content marketing trends and tendencies you should expect in 2017, but also learn what these deductions mean for your law firm and how you can best get ahead.

The competition will be fiercer than ever

In July 2016, Contently released an infographic about the amount of content produced and engaged with in just one second in today’s world. Below are just a few data points shared. Every 60 seconds…

  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to the internet
  • Facebook users click the “Like” button more than 4 million times
  • Users Tweet nearly 350,000 times

What this means for law firms: That’s a lot of content spewing into the internet every minute of every day, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. The competition in the attorney content marketing sphere is fiercer than ever. Standing out in 2017 involves creating a mix of trendy and evergreen content that really resonates with your audience.

For instance, section your email list by where prospects are in the sales funnel and/or their level of engagement (leads, clients, enthusiastic promoters, disengaged recipients, etc.), and then develop targeted email campaigns that appeal to these specific segments. Extremely relevant content is one key to differentiating yourself from the other businesses that are emailing your contacts every day, and therefore achieving greater open and click-through rates.

More visual content, more viewers

As mentioned above, hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to the internet every minute. Additionally, according to Contently, every 60 seconds people share 400 hours of new video, consume nearly 7 million Snapchat videos, and stream 86,805 hours of video on Netflix.

What this means for law firms: Internet and social media users—your prospects and clients—crave visual content. Even if you don’t have the bandwidth to craft videos and build a YouTube following, make an effort to tie visual elements into your existing attorney content marketing strategy:

  • Include graphs, graphics, or screenshots in your blog articles
  • Brand email newsletters with your logo and colors, and use call to action buttons rather than just hyperlinks (Campaign Monitor found that adding a call to action button increased click-throughs by 28%)
  • Post images on social media
  • Feature photos of clients alongside testimonials
  • Make responsive e-books that are formatted for readability 

Mobile continues to be the vehicle of choice

This shouldn’t come as a shock to attorneys, who are probably used to hearing that mobile is the future. But did you know that mobile now gobbles up 65% of all digital media time (per ComScore’s report titled 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus)? That’s nearly double the time spent on desktop—a mere 35% share of all digital time.

What this means for law firms: As mobile continues to trend upward, law firms can’t rely on the same old techniques and strategies that served them well in the past. They must change with the times.

For example, Google Local marketing will be more important than ever as mobile users rely on their phones to search out local resources, and conduct “near me” searches like “criminal defense attorney near me.” Attorneys who fail to focus on Google Local marketing will have no chance of landing in the Google 3-pack that is seen by a huge number of Google users.

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More law firms will use technology to streamline content marketing efforts

It used to be the case that attorneys spent the majority of their content marketing budget on developing content and only a small portion on promoting that material. However, that has changed.

Now, more law practices are seeing results by pumping up their promotional and technological budgets in order to ensure that their content actually reaches prospects and clients (with less administrative work on the back end).

What this means for law firms: Focus less on producing the greatest amount of content and more on crafting the greatest quality attorney marketing content… and then pushing that out to the right audiences. Think James Attorney Marketing’s 100-page book (branded with your name and biography) handed out at your office or targeted drip email campaigns sent through the James Legal CRM.

Additionally, migrate to systems that streamline your marketing efforts while cutting unnecessary costs, so that every dollar is spent on effective development and promotion strategies. The James Legal CRM…

  • Sends prospects high-quality, specialty-specific legal content branded with your name
  • Provides expertly crafted email drip campaigns and lead magnets
  • Monitors marketing ROI
  • And more

It typically saves clients $500 to $1,200 per month while helping law firms promote content that is extremely relevant to their prospects and clients, which can increase lead conversion and client satisfaction.

With resources like the James Legal CRM available, law firms should not go it alone in 2017. It’s time to work with attorney marketing specialists to master content marketing and finally see the business results you’ve been longing for.

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